We just got the report from HealthUnlocked about activity on this forum for the month of March.  There were no fewer than 934 members active on the forum last month, and 101 new members!  That has to be one heck of a big support group, spread all around the world.  Thanks so much to our moderators and regular 'expert' posters who provide such a brilliant service, both to people with new diagnoses and those of us some way along the PMR/GCA journey. 

This forum is just part of the work of PMRGCAuk, providing support around the UK and beyond, raising awareness of PMR and GCA, and supporting and encouraging more research. Please support us by becoming a member, or making a small donation - we run on a shoestring and every little bit helps!

Thank you!

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  • Hi Kate,

    No small thanks to you either! Keep up your good work.

    I think we oldies get as much out of it as the newbies do.  

  • Hi Kate

    Wow! But then I am not surprised. You and the PMR Pro's and all the other advisers do a wonderful job. We couldn't do without this support and advice.


  • Thank you to everyone, I so appreciate you all

  • Hi Kate, I'm not surprised either! The contributors on this forum provide such a wealth of information which is invaluable to us on this journey,info,I  might add that you don't get from the medical profession. Keep it up and thank you all.

  • Hi Kate,through the years, (3) but in touch with the Contributors, not early enough, it

    has kept me 'Sane' - my Wife might say otherwise! Thank you all so very much. John 

  • Hi Kate, I'm a newcomer to the forum and have found it very helpful. Getting advice and info from fellow sufferers has been invaluable - I know I'd be in a much darker place without it. Thanks for all your efforts. 

  • Thank you Kate and of course PMRPro, Dorset Lady and Celtic who have helped me enormously with their great advice.  I really don't know where I would be without this forum.  We all know that having this illness is bad enough but when you have "experts" and doctors who just fob you off with "keep taking the pills" it is so wonderful to be able to come here for advice,help and moral support.  Thank you all so much

  • Hi Kate - I agree with all the other replies. I'd had PMR for three years when I found you book a few month ago, I was almost in tears of relief and joy. Reading it I found myself saying 'yes, and yes, exactly my experience, and someone out there knows' the relief was huge.

    I had downloaded it on my Kindle but then bought a copy and thrust it on my family.....up to them whether they read it or not, but at least no more head in the sand incomprehension.

    Thank you and thank you again !!


  • Hi Kate,

    I'm a new die but so appreciative to you and everyone for all of the info and guidance. Everyone here is so compassionate. Thanks again for all your good work!

  • Ditto all the comments made:- no surprise and very grateful for the support of this group and the quick, helpful replies when I've needed advice and support. Thanks to all x

  • How do I make a donation? x

  • Ida, I've answered your question in an email to you earlier, but for anyone else who would like details of how to donate, here is the link:

  • Thank you for your excellent advice and information.  In a back hand new doctor told me I could not come on this forum for two weeks. I guess knowledge is dangerous .  :-). Obviously, I did not follow that directive 

  • Hooray for the forum.

    What a fantastic support this is. Long may it reign.😀

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