Has anyone had any problems wearing contact lenses whilst taking steriods?

For a number of reasons I have gone back to GP lenses after a break of about 10 years. I am finding my eyes get really dry and uncomfortable, particularly in warm rooms - they are much better if I am outside on a cool damp day. I had laser surgery on my eyes about 9 years ago (big mistake) which might be compounding the problem.

Just wondered if anyone else had come across the same problem

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PMR itself can be associated with dry eyes - with and without taking steroids. I had to stop wearing lenses when I had PMR for 5 years before starting pred (not diagnosed) and even on pred it hasn't been comfortable. My optician couldn't work out what was wrong - there was nothing to see at all. I'd worn lenses for over 30 years so it was a bit of a change!

One cause can be an associated autoimmune problem - it isn't uncommon to develop another if you already have one. Several ladies I know with PMR have had similar problems and some have been diagnosed as having Sjogrens syndrome.


That's really interesting. I had worn lenses for nearly 30 years when I stopped (nothing to do with PMR or steriods) and didn't have these sorts of problems.

Did you get back to them?


I've worn contact lenses for nearly 20 years when I was 32 year old with no problems. When I started on 20mg Pred I was bed-bound and in wheelchair in the early stages of PMR (March - June 2013) I tended to wear my glasses. Since getting my health and strength back over the past few months I've now reduced to 4.5mg and started running, swimming and been to climbing wall. I wear my contact lenses again and have found no ill effects ... even with a wee bit of sweating when I'm running!


You may have blepharitis (another autoimmune inflammatory condition affecting the eyelids). This would make the dry eye symptoms worse and also make your lenses feel uncomfortable. Don't try using cold compresses for this. Have a look at the advice here:


Thanks Kate - I will look into that. Is this something the optician should have noticed?


I wouldn't think so, necessarily. I had laser surgery too and my problem only came to light after the surgery when they were taking microscopic photographs of my eyelids.



Hi Kate - you might be interested to know that I was at the opticians yesterday - I wasn't sure the prescription for my lenses was correct - and said how dry they get. He had a good look at my eyes and said ... I had blocked glands in my eyelids. Which, course, is blepharitis! Well done you!!

He recommended getting some eyebags and I have just ordered some via Amazon. Here's hoping they work.



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