I am now taking 10mgs. Pred. Since 18/11/13. I had blood test results back. All normal as I had a few aches in morning doctor prescribed ami

tiptyline tablets 10mgs for 2 weeks then 20mgs have only taken them for 2days, but have woken up with aches in my back and upper arms lasts until the Preds. Kick in I have been fine until now, Any advise and would these tablets likely be responsible for the flare up.

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  • Hello Lionking, what a lovely name. I think there are two points here, first the time you take the amitriptyline tabs - I hope you've been told to take them early evening? e.g I take mine sometime between 6 -7pm so that they help with sleeping but there's no 'hangover' first thing. Secondly, are you taking the Pred early enough in the morning? I have found, like many on here, that the earlier they are taken the better, again I take mine somewhere between 4 - 5am when I have a natural awakening to go to the loo!

    Let us know if this helps.

  • Thanks for the reply. I. take the Pred. 5am-6am. And other tabs 4 hours before I go to bed. I am not going to take the amitriptylyne tonight to see if I have any reaction tomorrow.

  • Good morning Lionking50..I find your post very interesting as I have been on Amitriptyline 10-15mg for5_6 weeks now .I am feeling a bit better in myself but I can feel drugged up in the mornings .I usually take these tablets at about 6pm after my evening meal . since taking these tablets I have noticed more pain and stiffness in my right upper arm ,shoulder and kneck . I thought this was due to the PMR and a Depo-medrone injection that I had in August.I am supposed to go up to 20 mg on the Amitriptyline but I see my Rheumatologist this Wednesday to get my MRI scan results for my spine and legs where I have dreadful pain and can't walk , even getting around the house is difficult. I have managed to get down 2mg prednisolone since August but I am staying on 14 mg until the New Year. I have never taken my steroids early morning but I am going to start to give it a try to help me get through the day better..I have had PMR for 9 years and I'm still learning about how to handle it . I hope your pain eases off and you can enjoy your Christmas Festivities. Best Wishes trish29

  • Thanks for your reply, I know that I am not in as much pain as some on this forum.

  • Hi againLionking50. We all suffer pain in different ways and any pain is enough !! It just makes you realise that being on this Forum and reading other sufferers posts that sometimes it's the medication and not always the condition that gives you the pain and learning how to control it is the hardest part..I hope your having a better day trish29

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