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I would like to know if any members have experienced any problems taking Amitriptline tablets, I am down to 10mgs Pred. since 18/11/13, have

been okay so far . Doctor started me on above tabs. Have woken up since with aches in back, legs, shoulders, does anyone think Amitriptyline could be. Causing the flare up,

as I was okay before taking them, or because I have only been taking them since Saturday.

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Muscle problems including pain and stiffness are mentioned as possible side effects of amitriptyline that should be reported to your doctor immediately. I am always of the opinion that if symptoms start soon after beginning to take a drug you have to blame that drug until proven otherwise. I am familiar with amitriptyline being used for fibromyalgia - but have not come across it being used for PMR. What is the thinking behind it - do you know?


I was started on Amitriptyline a year before confirming I had PMR. My Rheumatologist recommended I continue with it, which I do. I have tried twice to reduce to see if it still having an effect on pain, when I reduced from 25mgs to 12.5mgs for 2 days the pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders worsened. When I increased the dose it settled down again, so for now I continue. It may be worth mentioning the pains to your GP as Amitriptyline can cause muscle pains in some people. Good luck hope it settles soon.


Hi - I have been taking Amytriptilene for at least five years, at night, to get rid of my "restless leg" syndrome, for which it works wonders. It's only since being on the forum that I've heard any negatives about it, which perhaps just means I've been lucky! But also I have RA and GCA, so maybe things are different for PMR - I should check it out anyway.


Hi Lionking50,

I have been taking Amitriptyline for a few months now and it has really helped with pain that was keeping me awake at nights. I would echo the above advice and mention it to your GP.

Although Amitriptyline is an anti depressant it is hardly ever used as such nowadays. It is very good at treating neuropathic pain and also pain that doesn't respond to analgesia. It is widely used in vasculitis patients which may be why it is being prescribed in PMR/GCA.

Best wishes



Hi ive been taking amytripeline for 3 months now,for diabetic neuropathy ive large vessel vasculitis pmr gca poss aps waiting for blood tests.The amytripeline 30mgs at night help me sleepas well as helpling with aches and pains .Im still on pred 25mg .


Yes, I've been taking amitriptyline at night for neuropathic pain and it does work wonders for me. I've been on it for about 18 months now. A recent trial of another drug to replace both it and gabapentin failed dramatically a few weeks ago, so will be taking it for the foreseeable future.


Hello Lionking50 ..just to say I have been on Amitriptilyne 10 mg now for 6 weeks. I feel a lot better in myself ,a bit more energy but I am still getting a lot of pain in my legs and Spine as well as having the muscle pain and stiffness with the PMR. I have noticed extra pain in my right arm which I put down to a Depo- medrone injection in September but maybe that Amitriptyline is causing the stiffness.. I want to stay on this medication to get down on the prednisolone once again in the New Year.. I wish you a Merry Christmas and for you to be Pain free .Best wishes trish29


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