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Please help us!

As I'm sure you know, this forum is run by volunteers from PMRGCAuk, the UK's national charity for support and awareness of Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis. What you might not know is that, at the moment, the whole charity is run by volunteers! That's website, forum, helpline, newsletter, support groups - everything!!. There are 3 things that you can do to help us:

1. We don't ask for any payment for any of our services, but we are completely dependent on donations. Please consider making a small donation by following the link

2. Please become a member of PMRGCAuk, especially if you are in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. This will help us make strong bids to organisations that can help us with funding. Soon you'll be able to subscribe online, but for the moment, please send an email to, with your UK postal address.

3. (this one just costs a couple of minutes). We can understand you want to be anonymous on the forum, but it would help us enormously if you could fill out your profile here, no names, but just give us your location! It would mean so much,

Many many thanks and best wishes to everyone,


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For those of you living in Scotland there is a dedicated website and charity PMR-GCA Scotland which is affilliated to the UK group.


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