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Amitriptyline.. Good Morning to all PMR/GCA. Sufferers. Just had my first good nights sleep for a long time!! Hi

Good. Morning just to say thank you to all the nice people who answered my post on Amitriptyline about a month ago. All the replies were very encouraging. After my visit to my very caring Rheumy this week I have been put back on Amitriptyline to try and help me get down on the prednisolone and to help my pain. He was concerned that I can't walk and have got worse in the last 2 months since I last saw him.He has ordered an MRI scan,this is due to the osteoarthritis in the spine. This is encouraging for me as my last Rheumy just did not want to know.. I have been scared to take yet more medication . I hate that drugged up feeling, but I'm not too bad this morning and at the moment the sun is shining . After speaking to the nice Pharmacist at my local chemist he advised me to take10 mg at first and then I can increase to 20 mg after I have got used to it . So hopefully I can start a new steroid reduction plan in the near future but my Rheumatologist is not putting any pressure on to start straight away. Have a nice pain free weekend all of you. Trish29

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