Blood results and tendonitis

I had the results of my regular blood test this morning: CRP has gone up from 15 to 21; ESR still OK at 12. The rise in CRP could be caused by an infection or a virus and I have had a bit of a cold. The GP explained that steroids can weaken the tendons and warned me not to jump over any stiles - as if! She agreed to my planned reduction hopefully from 2mg to 1mg. I am reducing by 1mg by one day more each week. Fingers crossed I could be free by Christmas.

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Hello Anno

If it was me, I would not be reducing any further when your CRP has just shown an increase from 15 to 21. Normal CRP is below 5, and if you are getting over an infection/virus/cold whatever, then this is not the right time to reduce any further. It would be wise to get the blood tests repeated before any further reduction just to ensure they are heading in the right direction rather than risk a flare. Just a couple of days ago I received an email from someone who has suffered a flare at 2mgs and has had to increase back to 5. Do take care - it would be a pity to risk a flare when you are on so low a dose.


Thanks Celtic. I will be more cautious from now on.


I, too, am trying to reduce the methylprednisolone. I would like to get it down to below 5 mg's also. I am already suffering with "Cushingoid" symptoms, due to the medrol. And I am also, afraid of those "flares" I have had two of them already and had to go up to 80 mg's and then taper down. I get very fatigued as the tapering happens. Has anyone heard of a substance that we can take, which inhibits the growth of the killer T Cells, which are part of GCA. I believe it is the enlargement of the macrophages, which ultimately produce these cells. I have heard that there is a substance which will inhibit these growths. It would seem that would help in reducing the methylprednisolone, because the substance would help to reduce the swelling. Am seeing a new rheumatologist this week and will discuss w/him and post the results. best, Whittlesey


Good luck with that, Whittlsey. I'm down to 1.5mg now and it's difficult to separate arthritic symptoms from PMR. I've long had a problem with the left shoulder, pre-dating PMR by many years. The right one is now also very painful and I am concerned that it might have osteophytes like the other one did. Or is it still PMR? I'm seeing the GP next week and will see if it's possible to have a diagnostic X-ray or scan.


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