Does anyone take magnesium as a supplement and has it helped your PMR symptoms?

I had a bad week with very sore muscles and while searching on the Internet found references to magnesium supplements helping with muscle recovery and cramps among other things. There was also mention of cortisone depleting magnesium from the body. Magnesium is also recommended for treating insomnia and stress. I'm going to give it a try. Does anyone else take it and do you find it has helped your PMR?

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  • Yes, I take a magnesium supplement, usually during the winter months. I do have a problem with cramps at times particularly during cold weather but they are much less when I am taking it. About 18 months ago discovered that I was deficient in both potassium and magnesium via a blood test, extra bananas take care of the potassium and supplements take care of the magnesium. Please note that I had found I was deficient before taking anything (except bananas!). I never found it does much for PMR in general.

  • Hi Locco.

    I have taken Magnesium for the muscle tension for 1.5 year. My GP recommended it whilst they tried to diagnose what was causing pain. I am Atypical so it took 15 months before I started steroids. To this day I notice more tension on the days I have forgotten to take the magnesium,

    Hope this helps. Runrig :-)

  • Yes! Huge help. That the NHS misses this I find is good for all rheumatic conditions. I take it as a food supplement and have lots of magnesium rich foods (dark green leafy veg are good). I also have a magnesium sport spray for local help and magnesium flakes for the bath - 'BetterYou' Magnesium oil and 'BetterYou' Transdermal Zechstein Inside Mineral Soak (sorry to brand drop - but these were the ones used in a clinical trial and are of good pharmaceutical grade - I have tried others and they don't work as well). I don't use the spray and flakes a lot now, as I'm having so much in my diet, but when particularly achy, a magnesium bath is soothing. The spray is good for when you are out and about - it's not too oily and doesn't stain clothing. Getting it in via the skin is quicker than it going via the stomach, so good to have foods and transdermal stuff around.

    Hope this helps!


  • Hi, I have had three back surgeries. This first one turned out bad so they damaged my legs. Since then, I have had cramps and spasms in my legs along with a lot of pain. I was prescribed a powerful muscles relaxer and pain medication but this gave me sleep apnea with year of taking these meds. I found mono magnesium and have since stop taking that medication. It not only controlled but eliminated all cramps and spasms. I sleep much better without having to get up for those nasty cramps. I take it regularly as recommended on the bottle. However not all magnesium work only the mono type.

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