does anyone use yoga to help their PMR condition

currently 5.5 years into this confounded condition and have suffered lots of associated problems none more so than considerable muscle wastage due to not being able to exercise. My wife seems to think I should try yoga. Has anyone tried this/does it help. Also having severe tennis elbow and inflamed knuckles on left hand, with fluid retention. Sound familiar?

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  • Yoga i am 79 and did Yoga for ten years ,if you can please try it ,i can still do ,but afraid getting up is a great problem .Good luck .

  • I do Chair Yoga and it eliminates getting on and off the floor, and is just as good for you.

  • tourdefrance

    I haven't tried Yoga - my back problem rules that out. However, I thoroughly recommend both Tai Chi and Nordic Walking. The exercise at a good Tai Chi class will help stretch and firm your muscles, and the Nordic walking with the two sticks is great for your balance and your muscles, and walking being an excellent weight-bearing exercise which can offset the risk of osteoporosis from the steroids. Good luck.

  • I haven't tried Yoga - but I find I am much better the days I do light exersice and stretches and sometimes some exercises with weights. If I don't then I have to pull myself up the stairs, that is exhausting. If I do my exercises I can go up stairs without holding onto a rail.

    Best of Luck.

  • yes I practice yoga and it has been a god send!!, could not have coped without it, helps to make my joints less stiff, I am so much more flexible, read the book by Audrey Pearson her PMR diary

  • Cannot agree more. Tai chi is gentle and you do not need to get down on the floor. Yoga is also light exercise and do not be embarrassed with the difficulty in getting back up. At least you still can.

  • I attended a weekly Pilates class for several years before PMR got hold of me! Generally I find the stretching and balance exercises are helpful and at home I start the day with 10-15 minutes of some of these exercises after a warm shower or bath. I think it helps with morning stiffness. However since a flare up of symptoms for a couple of months I am unable to fully stretch arms above my head so have avoided exercise which brings pain! Putting on a coat is one of the most painful things to do.

    Often when my legs have felt stiff from sitting still too long, the best thing for me to do is to make myself go for a walk. That seems to work for me. The less I move the worse I end up. I don't know if Yoga or Pilates is better. Or Tai Chi, which I've not tried.

  • I have just started yoga, and although not been able to get back to the class at moment, due to being unable to drive for the length of time it takes to get there and back. The Yoga teacher drew me the exercises that I need to do, with instruction and concentration on the correct breathing while doing the exercise. This has been really helpful, and the breathing has concentrated the mind and I feel totally relaxed afterwards! I think it depends on the teacher and if she/he understands what you are going through. Mine has had previous experience with PMR and GCA so I'm very lucky!

    I also walk as early as possible in the morning, it takes me a while to do a short cucuit but I feel better afterwards, even though I come back and fall asleep for 30 mins!!

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