feeling good at present!

I have just seen the Dr - latest blood test shows that my inflammation is now right down! Feelng fine too - hardly dare to say that; have not had any pain for weeks and in the last 2 weeks have been feeling energetic again and in a much more positive mood. Have reduced to 9mg with no problems - (no dizzy or unwell feelings as before). Going to attempt reducing to 8mg in the next month. Have even managed Pilates classes and Aqua aerobics - both ok and I have been carefully enjoying it all.... Hope this means my PMR is on the way out?? My Dr has warned me to be cautious and not to reduce too quickly in case it comes back and I end up back to square one on a high dose.

How do you know when the PMR has left completetely and how can you be sure? - Just lack of pain? No inflammation? Feeling better? Will I always be at risk of it coming back?

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  • Good Morning Suzieh, it's nice and sunny here in Surrey and I hope it is where you are..l am so pleased you are feeling so good . Please go very steady as PMR has a way of hiding and then cominging back with a big BANG!! Please try not to overdo things.. In 9years I've never got rid of the PMR completely but I have had better times in between the bad times so enjoy your feeling well. With PMR I don't think you ever know it's gone away completely but by what you are saying it's looking really good for you.. Could you please pass on some of your new found energy to me PLEASE!! I have been through a tough time for the last few weeks with the PMR and change of medications but I think I am turning the corner again now and I see my GP again tomorrow for another check up .Like you I miss the regular posts and questions coming through on the Forum and sometimes I think it's my i-tablet not working properly.. I have noticed that some of the original Bloggers names are appearing again so I just keep sticking with the new format .. It's so good to get advice and read fellow sufferers questions and when you get answers through I always find it comforting. Good Luck with your steroid reducing and continue to keep well.trish29

  • Thanks Trish for your reply. I also find sharing info on here really useful and helps me understand the condition. The feedback is valuable especially as I don't know anyone else personally with this disease. I don't really want to talk about it with close friends and family as it feels quite depressing and I am sure they will get fed up with me! I do feel well at present and obviously hope it continues allowing me to reduce the steroids....?? I do love the warm weather too - always makes a difference to well being. Hope your Dr visit went well

  • so happy that you are feeling good I am in much the same boat, having just got rid of a water infection and finished horrible antibiotics I feel better. I am currently on 6 mg, I want to get it down but last time I tried I felt awful. Anyway I have taken on board what some of the fellow bloggers have said and will reduce very slowly. I am just off for a 4 mile walk in some local woods. I don't know either how you know when PMR has gone I don,t have any pain anywhere at the moment. I am seeing my endocrinologist in September perhaps he can enlighten me. Wendy

  • Keep in touch! I would be very interested to hear what your endo has to say - I only see my local Gp but having said that she seems up to date with PMR and I feel confident in her advice. Last month I only reduced 0.5mg over 2 weeks then another 0.5mg over 2 weeks - my body didn't seem to notice that I was 1mg down at the end of the month.

  • Good Morning Suzieh. It's good to see that you have had some nice replies to your question and I am fortunate that I know quite a few people with PMR but we all suffer differently .Do you belong to any PMR club as I find when I go to meetings that I find comfort in talking to other sufferers and I come away with a lot of advice in my head. I know what you mean about not discussing your condition with family and friends but I've been lucky with mine and my partner with great support and because I've had it so long they DO realise that most of the time I feel quite ill. I had a good meeting with my Gp and because my partner has a cataract operation this afternoon and another small op next week I know I will struggle to cope and I appear to be on a similar reduction plan to you.. I am supposed to come down 2.05 mg a fortnight but he's put it on hold for now and try again in a couple of weeks when I hope to be away on hols by the river in Stratford -on -Avon. Take care and go slowly with your reduction but please don't hold back on how you feel about your condition as that also causes extra problems ..enjoy the sunshine .. trish29

  • Hi Suzieh...I can't answer your questions - despite all the fabulous info learned from the sharing on here, this condition still suprises me and I often feel like I know nothing - but I wanted you to know that I am feeling very encouraged by your posts and I am rooting for you too

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