Is new always better

Please put the website back as it was,this new one is hard to understand and navigate,I hate it its awful,don't think I will be visiting it much anymore.I know all new things take time to get used to,but if your not feeling well it just makes you feel frustrated,have tried a few times with it but end up going round in circles and not getting anywhere.

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I hate it too....I am largely staying away because I can't get my head round it at all...which is a huge shame. Oh well new and improved isn't always so...


Cheer up, you have both managed to post on here and the rest is not so difficult. Have a look in now and then and you will get used to it gradually.

I think there was too much traffic to allow them to continue in the old format. There are always so many different health problems to post or ask questions about. This forum alone has grown considerably in the last few months and we are one of the smaller ones.


I agree it has been difficult navigating around this new format but also agree with polkadot, if we continue to practice logging in and working our way around the new system, it will eventually become second nature - apart from being good for our little grey cells too! I had difficulties logging in at the beginning but found the HealthUnlocked team very helpful, and I guess they're still busy perfecting the new system. So don't forget they're there to help you if you have any questions. Good luck.


What we could to with is a generic guide as to how all the forums work, what happens when we click the various options etc. I used to write that kind of thing at work - and for our church software.



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