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deleted post to get rid of photo blood tests back

hello ,sorry I had to delete post,I wasnt comfortable with photo of my veins popping out,tried to delete it,only way I could was to delete post. phoned surgery today,was told bloodtest normal,but the e=ESR one couldnt be done due to technical difficulties. still feel like fluey,but the pain is better. I suffer with ehlerdanlos syndrome which is a funny condition,get all weird stuff with it as well as joint I guess I am assuming its my ehlerdanlos thingy causing these problems.I am seeing doctor though ,I do feel rundown but maybe will have to have the bloods done again due to ESR not been able to be done,hope you are all keeping okayish hugsxx

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Hello Margerethe

It does get so complicated when we have health issues other than 'just' PMR and GCA thrown into the mix. I hadn't heard of Ehlerdanlos Syndrome so I looked it up and it does appear that some of the symptoms could easily be confused with those of GCA. With any luck you have a simple virus and hopefully will feel much better soon, but do keep in close touch with your Dr.


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