Another development!

After a morning being short of breath,I laid on the bed.Got phone call from GP to say latest blood test was showing infection(As always!)Asked how I felt.I said I have never felt so ill.Went to surgery with urine sample,GP said that it was showing lots of things,protein etc.and me ESR was the highest it had been,so put me on 3000mg anti-biotics daily!!!!!

Still on 30mg.pred daily. What next ? !!!!!!!!!!

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Hope this morning you are feeling a bit better than yesterday afternoon. I should concentrate on the antibiotics getting rid of the infection and continue with the 30mg pred until that has happened. One thing at a time and one day at a time.

Notice you are in Kent ... if you are well enough on 13 August why not come along to the NorthKent PMRGCA support meeting in Tonbridge? Some of those coming are on the forum but there are others who aren't.



I do feel a tad better,thanks.I would love to be able to attend a meeting,but I am right on the Kent coast(Nr.Dungeness!!!!)and think Tonbridge would be a bit far for me to travel.


Thank God your doctor acted quickly, you could have ended up in Hospital. Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks for your good wishes.


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