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One month in on PMR/GCA journey

So after four weeks I am down to 40 mg Prednisone. Side effects I hate are horrible cramps in fingers, worried about driving too far so only short trips to shops, better going early in the day before I get sore! Napping in the afternoons but only for short periods as sleep at night has become problematic. Two days ago took a Kalms and a small mug of milky Horlicks before bed and actually slept or a full four hours and no nightmares. So repeated last night and again a better sleep, still reading and eating bananas at 4 am though.Taking one day at a time, I did a little gardening for about an hour a couple of days ago but soon became quite shakey and hot but it was good to get out on the one nice day we have had for a while. Pred reduction continues so 30 next week and then a blood test to see what Plasma Visc levels are doing.

Finding the questions/ blogs really useful though and it is reassuring to know I'm not alone in this. Still trying to get my head round the fact that getting back to work is probably a long way off for me.

I read an article about the super fruit Baobab powder so have started sprinkling a spoonful on my muesli, it was in the Penny Sale in H&B, it us supposed to boost energy levels and Work wonders. Can't do any harm and does not seem to interact with steroids according to interactions website...nothing ventured nothing gained.

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Good Morning Dovelady from. Trish 29. I'm so sorry that you are having such a bad time of it and I hope that things improve for you very soon. I am very surprised to read that you can take Kalms with Prednisolone without any side affects and I will check this again this morning with a Pharmacist. Like you I have to have a nap most days which can interfere with my sleep pattern as the Fatigue is unbearable and it's so difficult to get through the day without that rest. Of course then it's difficult to sleep at night ,so if Kalms are safe to take I may try taking them. I was also very interested to read about you taking the super fruit Boabab powder on your cereal and I will be off to Holland and Barrett to get some ,anything to get the energy levels up and running. Like you I find the questions on the blog so helpful and it's lovely how other bloggers send their answers through so promptly. Don't rush back to work too soon as you will probably get a lot of setbacks particularly flare-ups as I was working when I was diagnosed with PMR and being employed put a big strain on me. Take care and get plenty of rest when you can . Enjoy your Weekend ,the sun is shining here in Surrey. Trish29


Hello Dovelady, I am just one month now since diagnosis of PMG. I am starting to manage it I feel. My worst time starts 10 minutes after I get up when the stiff neck, arms and groin flare up. I try to get up and make the best of the time by making a cup of tea (Rooibosh) and a couple of Rich Tea biscuits to line my stomach before talking the Prens. And my other pill for high blood pressure. I get back to bed or onto relax chair for next 2 to 3 hours until the pills take effect and the pain and stiffness go. My morning starts any time from 4.30 am usually. I drift in and out of sleep until I feel better then a hot shower and get going to walk the dogs. Generally I do feel lacking in energy, but tell myself it is ok to have a rest midday if I want. I am keeping to an anti inflammatory diet with the help of the Arthritic Assoc. membership is peanuts for so much help. Pity I have to go to bed at all as that is what causes the problems!!! We all seem different as to when our worst times occur, so need to manage it. All the best.


Just realised it is BAOBAB powder! Just in case anyone Googles and can't find it, typo I am afraid or Pred Confusion!

I had looked on the interaction website and Kalms ( Valerian) looked to be ok but might just check with a pharmacist, don't want anything to interfere with the good work the steroids are doing.

Thanks Trish for your words of encouragement , not exactly sunny up here in Fife this morning! Have a gentle weekend.


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