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Travel Insurance

Before I was diagnosed with PMR I took out a joint, annual travel policy for me and husband - I'm 68 he's 70, with Top Dog, for a total cost of £75. As I'm already having some bleeding problems, thought I should add it on - Top Dog wanted £89, yes, £89 to add PMR to my policy!

Had a think, and took out another annual policy, which covers PMR and also my well-controlled blood pressure, for £79 with Staysure. Only saved me a tenner, but the medical top-up was actually £14.20 - and I was cross.

I'd used Staysure before, but switched to Top Dog for a cheaper premium - shall stick with Staysure in future, and would recommend them to anyone who needs travel insurance for this condition.

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It really makes my blood boil to think that PMR that's being treated would make any difference to someone's travel insurance premium!


Well, let's say I was underwhelmed! I can see that, if you look at the statistics, there is a danger from possible GCA, or an accident with a major bleeding episode, and £14 seemed reasonable, but £89?


We went to the USA last month and when I checked with our insurers I had to pay an additional £15.40 to have the PMR covered on our annual policy. I thought that was reasonable and was happy to pay it. They also said I could choose to not include it if I wished but I did not want to take the chance, especially in the US where medical costs are high.

It will be interesting to see what happens and if there is a general increase in premiums when the policy comes up for renewal in October


As a result of developing PMR we have been charged an additional £40 per year for my husband and myself for annual travel insurance for the UK and Europe. Our policy would otherwise be free with our Nationwide bank account. Interestingly they weren't bothered initially when I fell ill and being investigated only when there was a firm diagnosis and I was being treated!! However I was too ill to go anywhere without Pred so it was actually academic.


My travel insurance is included in my premium bank account for which I pay extra on top of my current account - this covers other extras like phone insurance. When I phoned to tell them I had PMR, they didn't turn a hair. I will re-check with them this week because I am going to France next week.


Many of these accounts no longer cover travel insurance over 70. anyway - in general, the extra charge for premium bank accounts is more than you might pay for the products provided (unless you want them all, that is). But it's an interesting point - thanks.


My wife and I were insured through LLoyds bank on our debit account

£18 per month for annual insurance this included being in the AA my bike and Mobile phone were included I was diagnosed with PMR last Oct. WE had to cancel our hol's to Tenerife in Nov. WE had no bother getting our money back. The Pred's put me me right I thought I would able to go on hol's again. When I told the IN's Co' they put the premium up £69s

I had a relapse in Feb' up went my Pred's and my blood sugar count to get me of Pre'ds I am now on AZATHIOPRINE. Which means I have to go weekly and then fortnightly for 6 month for blood tests so hol.s for us are out for the moment. For that reason we have cancelled our hol's insurance Is anybody else on the above drug



I am over 70 and have the following declared conditions on my travel insurance; Osteoporosis, PMR, and Palpitations. My wife is insulin dependant Diabetic. Our travel insurance is with holiday and totals £29.33 for our two week holiday in Europe


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