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New moderators needed for the community!

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Hello everyone,

I have just come back from the British Society of Rheumatologists' annual conference in Birmingham, where we had a stand. It is clear that there is growing interest in PMR and GCA, and I'll write another blog about that shortly. In the meantime though, I'm putting out a plea for help running this forum.

You have probably noticed that there are a couple of people on the forum who are 'always there for you'. They make a point of getting online every day, seeing what is posted, and making sure that everybody gets a reply. This is a really rewarding and enjoyable thing to do, because even if you are practically housebound, it puts you in touch with others like yourself and makes you know that you are making a difference.

However, everybody needs a break sometimes and so we are putting out a request for a couple of new volunteers to become 'moderators' on the forum. All it involves really is keeping an eye on the community. making sure that people aren't left without a reply (not much chance of that with such an active and supportive community), and watching out for any inappropriate or malicious postings. Since we started a couple of years ago, we have only had one such incident, and it was good to know that it was dealt with quickly.

If you become an 'admin' on the forum, it means that you will be notified by email when somebody posts a new blog or question. It is up to you when, and even whether, you make a reply to that post. You will also be able to post up new polls and blogs on behalf of PMRGCAuk.

If you have enjoyed the forum and benefitted from it, here is a way you can enrich your time on it and give something back. We'll give you all the support you need!

If you are interested, please write a comment, or if you would prefer to be anonymous at this stage, send me a message by clicking the 'messages' tab on the blue menu bar.



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I would love to be a moderator but at this stage being so new( just two weeks in ) to it all don't think I have enough experience of the condition to be able to contribute in any meaningful way, but maybe a few months down the line who knows, I do have loads if time on my hands right now! I have found the forum to be the most amazing resource though.

Similar situation to Dovelady.

Not sure if you got my message, Kate. I'm standing up to be counted!

It's only just over 12 months since I was diagnosed with PMR and GCA and if my memory serves me correct that was the first time I had ever heard of it. I'm still a relative ignoramus regarding the illnesses and their treatment and have found this site and the contributors to be very informative and helpful.

I would be happy to lend a hand in some way but as for giving advice to others, I'm not sure I have enough knowledge in the field.

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