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Increase in creatinine at the beginning of the use of tolvaptan ?

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Hi, I'm Piotr from Poland.

Please write how your blood creatinine increased after starting Tolvaptan treatment?

I have been taking tolvaptan for less than two months. when I started my creatinine was 1.7 mg / dl and now it is 1.94 mg / dl. In the meantime, I did tests 3 times and there was a creatinine increase in each of them. is it the tolvaptan effect? I read that at the beginning of the treatment there is a sudden drop in egfr, how was it for you?

I cordially greet everyone.


2 Replies
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You may find some of useful information in a recording of a PKD Charity event. Prof Daniel Gale discusses Tolvaptan

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gorczes in reply to Susan_101

unfortunately my question is not answered there. 😕

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