Kidney Infection

Hello everyone I've only just joined this group... I found it by accident when researching information for "Normal Kidney Cyst" which I was diagnosed for recently, through finding out by accident that I had very high blood pressure ( even though I had a health check in April this year and passed with no problems ) so after a few weeks of having my blood pressure taken , urine sample given, was told I had a UTI and was given 7 days Antibiotics which cured it.. I was referred for a Ultrasound Scan which discovered the Normal Kidney Cyst but by doctor is also referring me to have a Scan, which I'm waiting to attend..So I decided to do some research which lead me to the ADPKD info..It all sounds a bit daunting as my dad had an Aneurysm when he was in his 70'S and died from a stroke at 88 so I'm wondering if it could be in my family.. I'm thinking of the worst but hoping for the best, as there's no cure..

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  • One cyst is nothing to worry about, and is in fact quite normal and common the older you get. Up to about 5 cysts is definitely not PKD I believe, PKD is hundreds. An abdominal ultrasound should have found out whether it's just the one or more cysts, especially after the age of 30 it's very reliable. Not sure where the crucial age is exactly, in children the cysts don't always show up. But not sure why you had an ultrasound - if it was for the bladder it may not have looked at the right area. Did your dad have kidney disease? If he lived to the age of 88 he would have known. PKD often only gets symptomatic in the 40s.

  • Hi atropa, Thanks for the reply..Things have taken a different turn..Got letter today and now waiting to have a Flexible Cystoscopy, which I've looked up as I'd never heard of it and now I'm worried in-case they have seen something..Nothing runs smoothly.....Just as I was getting prepared to have the scan the goal post has changed..

  • Sorry forgot to add my dad didn't have kidney disease...

  • Hi atropa my Gp recommended the ultra sound to check if there was any problems with the kidneys as I had a UTI and was given antibiotics for a week which got rid of the infection. The ultrasound found that I had a fibroid and a normal kidney cyst, then she said she would send me of for a scan to make sure there were no underlying problems but then today a letter came from the NHS which said after studying my case they have decided to send me for a cystoscopy. So I'm waiting for the appointment..

  • Hi Shazossie61,

    I've no idea why they've been ordering scans, but I'm sure they have their reasons. I don't think there's any indication that you might have PKD. The fact they're now looking at your bladder means they probably think your kidneys are fine. Sorry if this doesn't help much, but there isn't really enough information. Best to wait for the cystoscopy. Good luck, hope they'll find everything ok!

  • Hi atropia, thanks so much for your reply it has really helped and eased my anxiety.

  • Welcome. If the letter was from your GP, you can always ask her/him what the reason for the investigation is. If it's from the hospital, it might be harder to get through to someone who knows, but they should have written to your GP to explain. Some doctors are very good at keeping their patients informed, others may need a little encouragement ;) But I'm guessing from what you've said that they're really just wanting to make sure everything is ok.