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Listen to this: Pelvic Pain: Radio programme

Broadcast: Wednesday 6 February 2013 9:05AM

Imagine not being able to sit down, go to work or look after your kids because of an overwhelming pain in your pelvis. One of our guests, Vanessa Watson, experienced excruciating pelvic pain for several years and it’s radically altered her life. Vanessa’s story is not uncommon but as the causes for pelvic pain are complex; some women don’t receive adequate medical treatment. So what is known about the causes and could medical treatment and services improve?

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Hi Judy

Thanks for posting this link :)

I'm the woman who speaks at the beginning of the programme.

I was forwarded a copy of your letter to Bettina Arndt and just want to say how wonderful it is to network all these contacts.

I posted on your site yrs ago -around 2007 and 2008 and eventually was diagnosed with PNE and was Dr Vancaillie's 9th patient. Catherine Aurabind (who went to France for surgery with Vancaillie so he could learn technique from Bautrant and bring it back to Aust)

Catherine and I run a support group here in Perth (Western Australia)

My physio Judith Thompson is coming to the Amsterdam conference- sounds like a great line up!

Keep up your fantastic site!


Vanessa Watson


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