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hi all, so i finally got weaned off the prebabilin which was a dreadful experience, still in so much pain (so far the transvaginal nerve block i had on the 7th dec has done zilch) several days ago my g.p gave me 300mg of gabapentin to take at night and gradually build up, but several days on and i have a constant terrible tight headache and stomach ache and have no energy and am struggling at times to co ordinate so got a telephone consultation with him later today looks like the gabapentin are no good for me ,..wish i had something i could take for the pain it is like having constant toothache in the bum ....

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Hi im a male and what you have said about toothache in the bum ive had a numb bottom and bottom of back for over 14 months now and bladder incontinence .

the nhs are useless just keep saying it will be investigated ,but im not at top of waiting list happy new year to yourself it would be if the damn pain went away .


when my brother was little i called him in one day to give him his bath and he said he couldn't come in as he hadn't finished playing,i told him it wasn't a option,got him in the bath and he was sulky, then he made me laugh ,as he said that people should have two bodies so one could carry on playing while the other was being washed,now 13 years on i agree with him i would love that spare painfree body to step into !!!



So you say your gad a nerve block, I have had at least 10 of them. They do not work.

I am talking about having Pudendal Nerve Entrapment surgery or Decompression surgery.

I want to know if anyone has, had1 of those operation.


i have read some testimonies and the decompression surgery is not a "quick fix" it can take two years to recover from this as you have to basically wait for the nerves to regrow, for some people they end up with further complications ,so think about it carefully ,do more research and don't feel it will be a over night miracle if you feel you want the decompression surgery then just prepare yourself in advance that you know what you are doing ,you have done more research so you know what to expect and that you are prepared to cope physically and mentally for the lengthly time it may take to heal ,and remember with all surgeries complications can arise,and if after you do your homework and weighed up the pros and cons and still feel the decompression surgery is for you ,then good luck, i don't know where in u.k you can get decompression surgery done?,i have heard via this site and the h.o.p.e website ,there is a doctor in london that does it privately but it costs a lot of money, i am going to have this year a ct.guided injection when the powers that be allow the funding for dr de mello, hopefully it will be up and running by april (fingers crossed) it is meant to be the daddy of all nerve blocks ,the transvaginal one i had 7th dec was just a put me on to try to give me some pain relief but that hasn't happened, apparently thre ct guided ones are more acurate


Hi, the two pain killers you talk about are the same product under a different name, they make me tired and not able to concentrate properly. Why can they not cure pain yet,being cynical I think the drug companies would lose too much money if they did, oh well lets keep hoping,,Happy New Year to you all, Jacky.


i thought gabapentin was like a sister drug to gabapentin but my g.p says they are both designed to work on the nervous system but there moluclar make up was different, anyway spoke to him yesterday and have to stop them as giving me terrible headache like a migraine ,and i.b.s probs and i was feeling very unbalanced,so i have to wait a couple of weeks and maybe up the amitryptiline(which i have never had probs with) or wean off amitryptiline and try duloxotine ..i just want something for the pain...arrgghhhh if god wanted me to be a guinea pig i am sure he would have made me small and furry!



You mentioned you'd been offered physio some time ago. Did you have any treatment? I was in the same state as you this time last year but after a few sessions with a pelvic pain physio I'm significantly better. If you haven't given it a try, it would definitely be worthwhile.

Good luck, don't give up hope, and may this be a happy and healthy new year for you after all.



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