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Hi a little confused have just had a pessary fitted by a gynaecologist and was told it would stay in place for 6 months but on doing some research have found some advice about removing and cleaning regularly. Anyone help please

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I've had one for ten years, better than surgery. In my experience 3 months leaving in max, but advice varies hugely. But you need to be shown how to remove/replace. Easy once you know

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Powerwash in reply to SwimAway

Thanks I am worried about the 6 months without removal advice I was given

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Perhaps call the gynae dept and voice concern? Every doctor gives different advice too.

I have had a pessary for many years, and it is removed every 6 months, with no problem.

That's standard NHS advice, in my experience. Flexible ones are available on NHS, which you can remove whenever you want, but you have to ask for them specifically.

Hi - had a pessary fitted 3 years and have it taken out etc by a specialist nurse every 6 months, no problem. There are times when I feel it’s moved down ( has never come out of its own accord) and I just lay on my back and push it back up! Good luck, loads of us in this annoying position!

Hi PowerwashFirstly welcome to the club!

Secondly it very much depends on which pessary you were fitted with? You dont say the type you have? If it's a flexible ring pessary. They can come down with bowel movements. Mines fell out about twice with bowels.

Ladies push them up again. I have removed mine several times when low cleaned it and hubby puts it back for me. Theres quite a bit of information on websites how to put them in. Waiting for a doctor can be too long! The flexible rings you fold but you have to put it high enough up after its sprung open with finger.

I think cubes and gelhorn cannot be removed except at hospital not totally sure.

Please tell me the actual type and size you have?

I call mine my flexible friend!

That’s part of the problem I have no idea.. The gynaecologist fitted it and said come back in 6 months no real discussion about type etc. It has fallen out and it is a silicone ring very hard not at all flexible

Hi firstly dont panic. Its normal for that to happen especially with pooping!!Have a good look at it maybe take a photo of it for reference and google till you find what it is?

The size of it if it's a ring pessary is the diameter in mm. Then Google it. You will probably find it on the net. Can you fold it in half? That's how most are put in. Make appointment at your surgery telling them you need a ring pessary put in if that's what it is apparently only some do it!! Theres only one doctor at my surgery who does them.

I'm here for you to talk to but I'm not medical at all.

Hi me again theres loads of different pessaries for prolapse..... Shelf, cube , doughnut, gellhorn gethrung, etc think the most common is silicone flexible ring pessary with or without support just means a middle diaphragm or not.Mines 64mm with support ring pessary.

Most you can have intercourse with some you cant as theres no room left.

Best to have them checked out after 6 months think standard NHS advice.

All the best to you.

My wonderful lady GP tried various pessaries which didn’t work so went to see a Consultant. He has recommended a Biotegue platform pessary which is softer and more malleable than the normal ring pessaries. Awaiting it to try. Will let you know if it works. GP will fit it and replace every 6 months

Since Covid mine has now been extended to replacing every 9 months at a London Hospital.

I have had mine for about 6 years. Have had Doctors that hadn’t a clue how to fit and a painful process. However, nurses specialising are brilliant, no soreness or pain. I get mine done at Guys Hospital, nothing to do in between, just gets checked and replaced every 9 months going forward. Used to be every 6 months. I would still opt for an operation to stick bladder in place if it is possible.

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