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Who has been diagnosed with avulsed levator ani muscle

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Who else has been diagnosed with avulsed levator ani muscle

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I have been diagnosed with levator-ani syndrome, Dysfunctional bowel, painful bladder syndrome and urinary incontinence.I receive vaginal internal /external trigger point therapy from my specialist womens physio. I also get botox injections into pubirectalis muscles.

Combination of treatments do not eradicate pain but I definitely get some relief.

I also take antispasmodic medication and pain killers for help with pain.

Can I ask what are your symptoms and what treatment you receive?

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Judiraburn in reply to Skye22

My symptoms are constant bowel into anus and vagina, and burning pain on right side of vagina.

Had this awful disease a year ago, it finally went away. My doctor gave me gabapentin I think that helped also some therapy.

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Judiraburn in reply to Bradyy

I don’t think your levator ani muscle is avulsed (torn away from its support) as there is no fix surgically. I’d like to see your doctor if he can repair it.

I was diagnosed with this but it is not the correct diagnosis. There was no code for PN disfunction when I getting injections so my dr. called it this to get me covered by insurance! Intravaginal lidocaine into sore area about 2x year for 3 years. it took a few weeks to notice the effects but it sure did help. Now I take CBD capsules and I have no problem except when I sit too long😄

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Judiraburn in reply to Pattimoe

Is your doc in US? Im in US. Could use the name of a good US doc

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Pattimoe in reply to Judiraburn

I live in Indianapolis. The doctors name is Sameena Rau

Is that a pelvic floor physio therapist who makes such diagnosies? I am asking out of curiosity.

Diagnosed by translabial ultrasound at Johns Hopkins urogynecology but no repair available

Ok great thank you

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