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Rectocele Diagnosis & pain

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Hi, I have just been told by my GP that I have Rectocele. I had never heard of this or know anything about it. I would really like to talk to other people that have this. I would like to know what sort of pain is normal, treatments and how long people have had this. I am in pain all the time. A dull ache in my back and a dragging heavy painful feeling in my lower abdomen. Is this normal? Thank you.

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I have a rectocele but it doesn’t cause me pain. Happy to discuss what I know with you.

Thank you. I have lower abdominal pain and back pain. Its a dull ache, mostly in the back, but after standing for a while I get in front as well.

Have you had help from physio and are you doing pelvic floor exercises?

Yes, Im doing pelvic floor. I was only told Thursday I had it after four weeks of backwards and forwards to the doctors. I am now awaiting an appointment at the gynae clinic at my local hospital. I guess thats why Im freaking out so much at the moment as its all new to me. Im sure I will get used to it. Thanks for your help

No problem, half the battle is getting a diagnosis. The best thing you can do is to keep doing the exercises 3 x daily but it can take time to see results. I’ve been doing them for months and I’m finally seeing some improvement.

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I’ve had the same for 9 years and kept it under control by doing pelvic floor exercises. Last June it worsened (I have no idea why) so I have had a pessary ring fitted to hold things in place. Try not to get constipated as that makes things worse. It is a tough thing to deal with physically and emotionally but your medical care team will support you. Lots of ladies give some really practical tips on this page! I’ve only just joined a couple of weeks ago and really benefit from knowing I’m not alone in dealing with this. Take care.

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churchill34 in reply to jmdb

I seem to have been able to resolve the pain issue at the moment, as long as I keep my bowels nice and free and when I feel the heaviness in my front I just gently push on it and all seems okay now. Been pain free for two days. I have had my letter to say im being referred to gynae triage, so feeling a whole lot better about all of it. So thank you for your kind messages. They really helped.

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swishymichy in reply to jmdb

Can I ask how old you are please? Just wondering if menapause has anything to do with it getting worse. Thanks

Nope menopause a long time go, im 64.

Im finding the pelvic floor are really helping, so thank you.

That’s great news happy to have helped.


Good luck at the hospital. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions.

I was treated for breast cancer a few years ago, all dignity or shyness goes completely out of the window after that, so I will definetly be asking every single question I can think of. Thank you for replying.

I have had all the seals. Think I should now bark like one. Rectocele, Endocele, Cystocele. Hope spelled right. Unless your bladder is hanging into your vaginal cavity don't get a Cystocele. It made me have bladder incontinence. Now about the Rectocele. Going to be graphic here. Mine was caused by constipation. It is genetic on my mother's side. She ended up with a Colostomy. The rectal wall gets soft and flabby and protrudes into the vagina. That was repaired. Didn't help constipation but made my inside feel better. The pain from the operation was not too bad as the Dr. gave me Norco and double Ibuprofen. Was in the hospital 2 days and recouped at home for a week. Not as bad as I thought, considering where the operation was located. Unless you can actually place your fingers in the vagina and feel a large intrusion from the rectum then I would ask for the reason for the diagnosis. My daughter has what you are going through and it is not a rectocele problem. I never had any pain, just discomfort. My daughter had terrible rectal pain spasms for months. Finally she ended up in the ER. She was hospitalized with Pancreatitis, and very low Potassium. When she got out of the hospital she is pain free.

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churchill34 in reply to 1Ginge1

I know its rectocele, they had a look and could see the bulge when I cough. Im starting to get how to cope with it now and what makes it better. But thank you for your reply.

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Kphee21 in reply to churchill34

There some excellent face book groups where all have prolapse its great fr support and advice there is a UK only group FPOPS UK

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churchill34 in reply to Kphee21

Thank you so so much, I joined the fb page about two hours ago and the response to my post has been absolutely amazing. Lots of ladies helping me out and sympathising and sharing their symptoms. I now know Im certainly not alone and the support you get from these ladies is brilliant. So again, thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.

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Kphee21 in reply to churchill34

Your welcome

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Babz7019 in reply to churchill34

Yes had prolapse surgery rectocle on April 3 rd now home n six week recovery you must lift nothing heavier than a kettle

I have a rectocele. It's a lump of poo basically going in a pocket instead of out of your anus. It makes me cry when l cant poo. I often have to insert a finger in my vaginal and push lump towards anus!! Its horrible and so embarrassing. I have a descent of something that feels like an orange skin in my vaginal that comes down when l need to have a bowel movement. When I'm examined by a GP they say l haven't got a bad prolapse!!!It's only grade 1 to 2.

Well l am suffering so much its discomfort and debilitating. I'm on a waiting list to see gynecological.l think my pelvic floor is shot.

I cant find it nothing happens when l try the exercises. I try and squeeze but l dont think it's happening.

Having ring pessary fitted on Thursday

It's a ring pessary 64mm with diaphragm support! I want to know if l want to have sex with my husband if l have to remove it? Probably the thought of that would mean no sex as l dont think l could or want to remove it.

Dont understand which pessaries you can leave in for that?

I hope you feel comfort in the fact l am here with you also suffering with similar symptoms. I hope you reply for a chat.

I'm 59

I was perimenopause at 57 now it's one year since my last period. I had one child who's 31 now. My terrible symptoms started because of menopause. I insert vagifem tablets twice a week.

Anyone out there know about which pessaries can be left in for intercourse??

Hi, thanks for replying. I have had it explained to me finally by the GP, its like a small hernia that comes down into my vagina. I do get pain with it, especially when I am constipated. I have joined a fb group of ladies who all have different types of prolapses and they have been completely amazing. They have made me realise, that despite what the GP's say, you can have pain with a rectocele. I have now learnt how to push it back up when it starts to decend into my vagina. I wasnt keen at first, but Ive sort of got used to it now. Ive improved by back ache slightly by changing my every day footwear to gym shoes and that seems to help a little. I am doing the pelvic floor every day and dont seem to get quite as much descent as I did when first diagnosed. I still havent been able to get an appointment with the hospital to get it all confirmed, but I have got a telephone appointment with a womens health physiotherapist on the 18th May, who may see me face to face afterwards or give me more exercises to do. Someone has also suggested Yoga and I have found several prolapse yoga videos on YouTube, so am going to give those a go too. Im feeling a little more positive since joining the fb group as they are all so open and honest and supportive. I think when you realise (although still pretty shitty) that lots of other women are going through this and that the pain is normal to a lot of women you start to feel slightly more reasurred, if that makes sense. My descent feels the size of a small grape and is very smooth and now I know how to do it I can managed to push it quite high and hopefully back towards the bowel. Getting the toilet situation is pretty challenging and I am now on laxatives daily, which isnt ideal. x

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