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sara jane

ms with pelvic pain

i thought i was the only one with pelvic pain, came across this post !!

i first went to the doctors in 2006 with servere pelvic paiin , and then was diagnosed with ms in 2008 , so everthing is put down to ms , but i know my body and i dont think this is ms related ! just found a new doctor who seems to be listening and after 6 years going to start the explorotation again ! i didnt realise it seems to be a common condition

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Hi Sara Jane,

OH, yes, it's very common and there are lots of causes. Do you know what explorations ?


hi judy b

i have been going to the doctors on amd off , i have had an ultra sound on my uterus everthing was ok , and k have had a camera up there, dont know what it is called ! i am going to my doctors wed foran examanation !!

hope u are well


What are the main causes that you know of?


mine is abt 2 yrs now is a serious concern ..mine is connected with chronic prostatitis ..even more complicated .hope to hear from you again

Femi .....Greece


hi femi

hope u are well , my advice is to keep banging on to the doctors till they can do something for the pain !!


ielcome to the hellish world :(

Whats your pain like a daily basis? What kind of pain? How bad?

Any other symptoms?



Hello mrsxg

Pain !! its all the time , worse the week before period ! Its like a sore burning feel , and i feel like i am dragging my stomach around ,i also have ms , and have difficulty walking , i feel that if i didnt have this pain i would be able to walk better !!

have you eve suffered with pelvic pain , what sort , and have you had it investigated ?

I just find the doctors dont know what it is , whre it is and what are they going to do about it

hope you are well


I have the same problem. I have had pain for years After pushing and pushing for years finally being investigated. Had a hysterectomy Aug 2012 but pain persists - terrible burning runs all down my legs an into my knees. Doctor clearly doesn't know what it is - said rectum pain then next time tail bone. The pain so bad now just radiates so hard to tell where coming from. I have been diagnosed ME/ fibromyalgia so am lucky doctor is bothering - previous docs just fobbed me off until now I am struggling to walk and spend most of my time in bed.

I have recently been given strong pain relief Alleleuia !!!! 30mg codeine 500mg paracetamol and Amipritimine 10mg - much better relief and I am going physiotherapy to build muscles around spine - fingers crossed

I had no idea people were left to suffer this way. It s very poor treatment indeed

Good luck to us all we will need it with this NHS state of affairs!!!!


Before all this started I just had regular period pain and ovulation pain and that was it.

It all started radomly one november night and 16months later still no answers

I've had numerous x-rays ultrasounds, bloods, urines etc and all that showed was the occasional UTI, the xrays show costipation (from the medication)

Had a lap last feb and was on the pill at the time so I think that they couldnt anything as the pill masks things.

I also had a white blood cell scan which also showed nothing.

My pain is constant. Nothing completely removes the pain.

I am on paracetamol, buscopan, tramadol, MST - slow release morphine (when required)

My symptoms include...

Very painful heavy periods, stabbing/sharp pain, achey pain in lower abdo and pelvis. Goes through to the top of my legs and lower back.

When on my period I cant stand up straight.

On 'normal' pain days which range from 5-8 it hurts to walk, up & down the stairs. Any movement hurts.

I have to sit on a cushion and sleep with a pillow under my tummy, pelvis and hips.



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