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Hello everyone,

My Dr has suggested physiotherapy for me for my various pelvic floor issues (vulvodynia, vaginismus and potential levator ani syndrome) and I'd like to hear of any success stories anyone may have? I've used vaginal dilators in the past and this worked well for me, so I was wondering how seeing an actual physio would be different? Also how many sessions did everyone have and for how long?

I'm in the UK and if anyone has any recommendations for a specialist for me I'd like to hear them (you can pm me).

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Pelvic pt is The best thing you'll ever do for emotional and physical support and help me immensely

I have vulvodynia and an over active pelvic floor muscles. Physio is definitely helpful. You can search for qualified physios online or your GP may be able to refer you to an NHS physio. My physio has given me some exercises to do at home and along side the hands on treatment things are moving in the right direction

I’ve seen a physio who is based at my local hospital . She was fantastic !

She manipulated my spine and pelvis and also did an internal and said my pelvic floor muscles were too tight .

I have exercises to do which do help with my neuralgia pain and I had 6 sessions of PGME .

I have seen her face to face 3 times and am seeing her in another two months time .

She can also refer me to the pin clinic at the same hospital .

I don’t know how I would have coped without her help and support .

I have pelvic floor issues and like yourself have a diagnosis of levator-ani syndrome. I have been seeing my specialist physio every fortnight for the last 4yrs.

She performs internal /external vaginal trigger point therapy to help release the spasms and tightness in my pubirectalis muscles.

I have severe complications with Dysfunctional bowel issues as well and physio helps me to manage my symptoms with trans anal irrigation.

Along with therapy I get botox injections into pubirectalis muscles and the combination of treatments goes a long way in helping me manage my pain. It doesn't eradicate symptoms but helps with the intensity of spasms and pain.

Unfortunately since covid all my treatments have been cancelled and I'm in a living nightmare of constant pain. I really hope things get back to normal soon.

Demand for specialist physios is very high and there are far too few who are trained in pelvic floor treatments. It's a bit of a postcode lottery.

Can I ask what issues you have with your levator-ani syndrome and what helps you manage your symptoms. (pm) me if you prefer.

Bubble_by in reply to Skye22

I have botox injections too but the doctors said it would be best to do this alongside physio. I get pretty bad constipation and muscle spasms still sometimes and deffered pin in my back and tummy. I'm hoping physio will be able to help me with the symptoms. In the meantime it's waiting for the botox to settle and a heat mat.

Skye22 in reply to Bubble_by

Hope all goes well with your physio and you get some relief from pain.

Bubble_by in reply to Skye22

Thank you. Hope you do too.

How are you doing?

PT made my pudendal nerve injury worse. I had a metal Filshie clip on my rectum and after she did internal work I was way worse.

Do you have any metal clips or mesh inside you? Get an X-ray stat if you do.

Bubble_by in reply to Konagirl60

I'm okay thanks. I havent started physio yet but my first appointment is on Monday. Oh no, how awful 😞 no I don't have one of those, what are they?

They no longer tie Fallopian tubes as a means of birth control. They either burn them or clip them.

I couldn’t handle the pill or IUD. I had the tubal ligation in 1998 when I knew I didn’t want anymore children. I did NOT get an informed consent. These clips can migrate and cause terrible chronic pain and injury. Doctors cover it up and won’t admit they are harmful. It’s abuse to women.

Good luck at the PT. Keep us posted.

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