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Pelvic floor spasms/tightness? Try CBN patches.


While my pelvic floor tightness is a symptom of nerve pain, these patches helped a ton for the tightness. I discovered this while in Colorado a little while back, as I have had pelvic floor spasm for roughly 2 years and it hadnt been freed up in a while. I bought 3 patches made by Mary's Medicinals: THC, CBD, and CBN. The CBD and THC didnt do much to the muscle tightness and spasm, but the CBN? Woah. CBN was touted as allievating muscle spasms and my lord did it work. The patch goes on your foot surprisingly, but that was as directed. Within 45 minutes my pelvic floor became looser than it had in a year, at least by my estimation. Libido was higher than it had been in months too. Unfortunately, I had to fly out the next day so I couldnt try them again. I believe they're only available in a few states :(

I figured this info could be very useful to anyone suffering from extreme tightness/spasm. I will head there for a month at some point and provide a detailed assesment when I do. Best of luck to anyone suffering from this issue.

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Hi there,

I’m desperately trying to find relief for my extremely tight pelvic floor. How often would you say you’re using the patches? And is it in combo with any other medication?

Thank you!!


Redraws17 in reply to CFH1815

Sorry for not being more clear, but I have only tried the CBN patch once. I have had a ton of PFT done by a trained PT and the effect of the CBN was more than I got from a few weeks of the PT. Like I said, I have only tried it once so its possible there were other factors in play here, but with all reasonable certainty I don't believe thats the case--as CBN is directed for muscle spasms. Hard to say what continued use will do for PF tightness, but I have a strong feeling that it could be better than even Botox injections. If my anecdotal experience was at all indicative of the efficacy of CBN, I fully expect it to be the gold standard for any muscle stiffness/spasm treatment in the years to come.

I have been on Lyrica & Tramadol for 4 years now. Good luck Elisha.

I didn't realize pelvic floor tension was an indicator of nerve pain I thought it was muscle tightness..or both?? thanks for the info

Pelvic floor tightness can be the cause of pain, or the result of pain (clenching pelvic floor mitigates pain sensations).

Forgot to ask can I use these patches if I'm on muscle relaxer and gabapentin?

You'll have to ask your doctor, but as a rule of thumb, anything derived from MMJ is usually safe in conjuction with other medications.

smg60 in reply to kalecolbe12

Hi! After years of severe vaginal pain after I peed (it was a nightmare), I finally got in to see a urogynecologist who told me I did not have I.C. (which I had been diagnosed with). She said that my pelvic floor muscle was spasming and for some reason, my bladder was setting it off. I was already up to 2200 mg/day of Gabapentin. She prescribed a muscle relaxant - 10 mg 3 times a day. Within a short time, the pain was gone. Lately, I feel a little pain now and then, but nothing compared to what I used to get. What are your doses of the gabapentin and muscle relaxant?

kalecolbe12 in reply to smg60

I take cyclobenzaprine 2 times a day 5 mg and at night I take the 300 mg of gabapentin

smg60 in reply to kalecolbe12

Maybe they just need to increase your doses?

what was your muscle relaxant that you used three times a day info would be good kind thanks.😊❤

Cyclobenzaprine 10 mg 3 times a day

Does that drug help in between like to help with breakthrough pain I take Lyrica twice daily 75mg it does help however as everybody with this knows its always there but just for better management I want to find what is good to trial as will have doctors review and want to ask for something extra to trial in terms of dulling the pain more. I'm new to this condition had since August 2019 so learning new ways of managing. I never took any medications for pain before this condition as has found anything like panadine or valium was too dopey, but I have found Lyrica does help without feeling drugged. Is cyclobenzaprine a type of valium or is it an antidepressant should look it up but just saw your post so will. Any other medications you know of would greatly help if you could describe how it feels after taking also 😂😂 What is a good pillow to sit on want to find out as much as I can I try not to sit as I know does not help but just to have a nice cup of coffee and sit comfortable for it would be good😁👌😎😂. thank you for answering my last post hope to hear from you soon. pray for us all😎😁❤❤

Pelvic floor tightness can be the cause of pain, or the result of pain (clenching pelvic floor mitigates pain sensations).

Skye22 in reply to Redraws17

I have pelvic floor dysfunction, levator-ani syndrome. This affects my pubirectalis muscle, with treatment being botox into the pelvic floor muscles. Mabe there are other pelvic floor conditions that are caused by nerve damage?

kalecolbe12 in reply to Skye22

Does the Botox work well for you?

Skye22 in reply to kalecolbe12

Botox along with physio definitely has a big effect on frequency of spasms and pain is lessened. Lasts about 3/4 mths.

Unfortunately I was due treatment before covid isolation, all procedures now cancelled. My pain and spasms are so much worse but appreciate that pandemic treatment takes priority.

monkeymom in reply to Skye22

Where do you go for botox in pelvic floor? I was going to Maryland but stopped going as it was too far.

That’s inte Re. Thanks for sharing. I have CBN oil. I might be able to make my own patch. Where exactly to you place the patch?

I too wanted to do this but havent yet. My suspicion is it wont be nearly as effective, because the MM patches are made with a timed release as it absorbs. It takes some advanced tech and machinery within the manufacuring process to do this I believe--unless I am mistaken.

That being said, It is still worth a try. In the OP you'll see I mentioned it goes on the foot, but more specifically, on the middle of your arch where the skin is the thinnest (optimal absorbtion). The reason for the foot is its the furthest place from your heart, so you get the most effect this way, as the blood pumps to and fro, the effect of CBN is body-wide.

Thanks, I’m going to look into this. I tried ordering from them before, but they don’t ship to Europe.

Yea no chance on that front. They are only available in the states with regulated Marijuana laws. Colorado for sure, and I believe Nevada. Possibly Oregon and Vermont as well. We need European legislators to wake up to this, and it doesnt need to be fully open in terms of recreational use--you can create MMJ laws that serve the people really suffering, and also protect the "fabric of society" as so many conserative minded people are worried about.

I live in the Uk so are they available on line do you know ?

Definitely not in Uk then :(

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