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Could Back and Neck Pain and Positional Headaches Be Related to My Pelvic Floor Issues?

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I am fairly new to this site and recently posted another question. I got such great feedback that I decided to post a few more. I don’t know if it’s a separate issue or if it is related to the pelvic floor, but I get terrible back and neck pain/pressure and the worst headaches of my life when I sit or stand. I also get numbness and tingling in my legs and feet. Is it possible that the back/neck pain, numbness and tingling in the legs and feet, and headaches are related to pelvic floor dysfunction, or is it likelier a separate issue? I have had CT scans and a spinal tap with no answers. If it is related to the pelvic floor, what could be done about it? What kind of doctor could I see or what type of treatment could I seek?

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Following... sounds too familiar

I’m feeling the same issues, not sure if there related but I do feel random neck pain and lower back as well as headaches. My wife thinks it’s due to sinusitis where are your headaches originating mine are at my temples and behind my eyebrows

This is really interesting to me as I have a lot of your symptoms, not all though. And I have had serious bowel surgery (2) for diverticulitis. Had part of bowel removed. I have headaches, pins and needles from my head down to my legs, and a feeling of chills. At one point my iron was very low, but it appears normal in latest tests. It's driving me mad. My last op was 4 month s ago, so I should be getting back to nearly normal. But my body went through a lot in 3 months of last year (2018) . I can't understand these symptoms. They are beginning to worry me. The pins and needles and tingling are really unpleasant. It's interesting you have pelvic floor disfunction, and I have had surgery in that region.

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