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Getting scared but getting no answers


Lasr November I had a miscarriage. I didn't know I was pregnant as when I missed my 1st period back in September I tested negative and chalked it up to starting menopause. Since then periods have been irregular and extremely heavy. I went to OBGYN in April, who found my uterus to be enlarged. He also found a fibroid and a cyst on my ovary, but nothing was made of it. Two months later I'm having pain in my chest. I've been to GP, GI and even ER( where I got CAT scan and an ultrasound of leg due to cramps) found nothing except for DVT which I was prescribed Aspirin for. I continued to have chest pain for over a month but that has seemed to dissipate and a new problem appeared, severe pelvic pain that runs through my right buttock and upper thigh and sometimes radiates to lower back. I went back to OBGYN who found uterus has gotten larger then before and sent me immediately for transvaginal ultrasound and sonogram. This was almost three days ago and haven't heard anything. Worried because I've also had weight loss(which may be due to possible digestive problem) and terrified may be cancer. Anyone else with similar experience and ideas to manage pain?

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I am so sorry to hear of all that you are experiencing and I hope it is resolved fast. I do not have experience or advice to offer, but wanted to reply to encourage you. I am hoping all is well and for relief for you.

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Thank you! I think just being able to talk about it helps. I've virtually stopped talking about it with my husband and family because I'm sure they are tired of it.

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