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Have pudendal neuralgia


Hello friends I am suffering from burning pain in perenium buttocks .hip pain tightness in urethra... discomfort while erection....I know I can't be cured. In this condition should I marry. I think following this condition if I marry a girl it will be injustice with her...in my family forcing me to marry a girl. But I decided not to do that. I want your opinion guyZ...please suggest me..what should I do.

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Hi,I'm no specialist,but I've tried everything,for the past 13yrs.

I'm now looking into Physiotherapy,read up on it,and see if would be of any help to you. As for me I'll give almost anything a try.

Good luck. Don't give your life up so easily, keep looking.

don't give up... i had chronic pain for 5 years and since i never gave up and tried everything i am now doing so much better and am able to manage my pain with just valium....keep going to different doctors until you find the right one.....i suggest contacting Dr. Dellon at the Dellon Institute. he will email with you....he will tell you based on your symptoms if he can help you.....best of luck

Anik420 in reply to pieper

Tell me something your pain area and how u manage your pain..I am tensed bro I don't have any job..with this problem how can I do a job ,how will I feed myself...no future...no one love me ,I can't marry a girl with this problem. There is no good future for me except a painful life.

pieper in reply to Anik420

like i said, you can't give up. you have to be your own advocate. just throwing up your hands and saying there's no hope is not the way to go ....have you tried to take any prescriptions to help with the pain? as I said , i am able to manage the pain with valium, you have to try different meds and take tests to determine what will help you. don't give up!!! start making phone calls and go to other doctors!!!!

Anik420 in reply to pieper

Ok pieper.... thanks

jenmal in reply to Anik420

Anik, go to Freedom from Pelvic Pain website and see if your symptoms are similar. If you have tight pelvic muscles you can cure it with special stretching excercise, many men recover, but its a commitment, you gotta do it for many weeks. You need to contact David McCoid and he will consult you via Skype first. I think you may have a muscle spasm and it can press on pudental nerve, but if you release internal muscles it will be resolved. Please check that out.

Anik420, you sound like you might have pudendal nerve issues. Can you sit normally and without pain? When you do sit, what do you feel and where is/are the sensation(s)?

Have you done repetitive movements like bending over your groin to lift boxes or other heavy bags on a regular basis? Were you an avid cyclist? Did you ever do gymnastics or other sports/ dancing where you may have done the splits? Were you a baseball player? Did you have a dog and bend over on every walk to pick up the poop?

The reason I ask is that the pudendal nerve root is deep in the buttock and certain branches can stretch with overuse of the pelvis in sports or dancing or gardening etc..

If the surrounding ligaments like the sacrotuberous and sacrosphinous have been overused and ‘ juxtpose’ ( move ) then the stretched pudendal nerve branch( es ) has/ have the vulnerability to become pinched by the previously mentioned ligaments. They act like a vise grip compressing the hair thin nerve and it makes sitting impossible and very very painful!

Have you been to a physiotherapist? Have you been to a Pain specialist. You likely need a properly done fluoroscopy OR CT-guided pudendal nerve block with both anaesthetic and at least 80mg methylprednisone. The injection should be deep into the buttock where the sacrotuberus ligament lies. ( 77% of compressions are because of juxtaposed ligaments pressing on them. ) The remaining are pinched in the Alcock’s canal or perineum.

Is it too much to ask? Where do you live? Good luck.

Bro i am from Bangladesh...our doctor s didn't find any cause of this...when I sit I feel tightness and pressure in perenium and also have a burn feeling.some scrotum burn only left side... tightness in urethra.

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