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c olonoscopy


although i've had my left sided pelvic pain 6.5 years, and had all the tests, the only diagnosis i,ve had is chronic pelvic pain and ibs.

i had a colonoscopy a while ago but it was not successful as i fought all the nurses off as the pain was unbearable.

now i'm waiting for same,this time under general anasthetic.

the waiting list was 2 years long and with luck it should be my turn this may.

in the meantime i,ve discovered i've got a bit of a prolapse going on, and probably all along.

only way i can move my bowels is with strong coffee in the morning plus lots of fibre.

weeing has never been painful but variable over the years. ie cant get started,or having to go every few minutes.

my pain is right across my abdomen or down my left pelvis around where i think my ovary is.

dreadful painful sexual penetration.

my question is this.

should i mention on my big day what i think is going on.? or am i going to get the snigger.

will they realise theres an obstruction or will everything look normal cos i'm lying down.

here in spain i find that the different 'experts ' dont talk to each other and get very uppity if you mention something thats not in their field.

mostly men. grrr

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Hi,I can totally see where your coming from with a colonoscopy,I had the same,I actually pinched a nurses stomach with the pain,then when they finished she said "would you say that was painful" no I scream for nothing,ahhh. I was once told that's the best way to find anything so if they can do it for you under anaesthetic then I would go for it. I don't have that option. I also have a prolapse,I don't think that will make any difference.

Good luck I hope all goes well for you.


I have a type of bowel prolapse called intersussepcion - having a colonoscopy did not diagnose it. The consultant who performed the colonoscopy referred me on to have a proctogram and from this I was diagnosed with the prolapse.

I don’t know how other types of prolapses (eg bladder, uterus) are diagnosed but I think a proctogram is pretty standard for diagnosing a bowel prolapse/ intersussepcion. I have had had all investigations and treatment done in London with the NHS. I don’t know what is done on Spain.

By the way I have similar symptoms to what you describe.

Hope this helps.

PS I have had 2 colonoscopies done (as I have to be checked for polyps on a 5 yearly basis - not the cause of my symptoms but an incidental finding from my first colonoscopy) - and both times I have had sedation, which was very effective and I hardly felt the procedure at all.

costagran in reply to Beezwax

i had a very bad experience at my colonoscope appointment.

so upsetting that i cant put it into words.

thats why i opted for the 2 year wait.

how was the proctograph.

is it invasive.?

you say you had similar symptoms to me.

can you remember how it first started?

where you constipated?

did you hear a pop down there?

how are you now.?

i hope all is resolved for you.

thanks for your reply.x

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