Pudendal neuralgia and bladder pain

Anyone have bladder pain with pudendal neuralgia? I feel the constant need to urinate but also have classic burning pelvic floor pain

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  • I have menstrual type pains in my abdomen and lower back. I don't have a uterus so I know it's isn't due to that! Trying to figure out if it's due to PN moving around or side effect of the Lyrica? I do not have a constant need to urinate tho. Are you on meds? Some may irritate the bladder.

  • Yes on meds but can’t figure out what might be irritating to the bladder. I’m so sorry you are also in pain

  • Yes, I have pn and interstitial cystitis. Do.some research on this. Hope this helps. Misti

  • Are you able to work with this? I’ve become disabled after running a rather large medical practice. My cystoscopy looked fine but they are treating for IC. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life

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