I have an MRI scheduled for this WED, October 25, '17. I have had them previously. So, not to get into a lot of details, my pain management doctors specialty is the spine. Per my continuing symptoms with pelvic neuralgia and, in addition to, profound stinging from bottom of left foot up to pelvic region, has anyone had an MRI looking for a clue or answer as to what could be causing these double debilitating reactions? If so, what did the doctor order? EX: W/WO CONTRAST, INCLUDED HOPS AND OTHER REGIONS ALONG WITH THE LUMBAR SPINE?


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  • I have had: 1)bMRI LUMBAR SPINE W/O CONTRAST (By a Neurosurgeon), 2) XR Lumbar Spine 2 or 3 views 3) MRI Dynamic Pelvis

  • Hey Anne, did you receive my message re your number? Trying to find out the best times and or days. I had to retire due to all this so I am basically flexible.

    Back to the MRI:

    A friend told me to add the pelvis and hips if possible. Since this doctor may only have the lumbar spine scheduled it wouldn't hurt to ask. She does this at a major hospital and knows what's she's talking about. And, when the Mayo Clinic did this, it could've been only the lumbar. Was it helpful in any info to help your situation. I don't know about you, but when the barometric pressure changes, my stinging accelerates. The pelvic pain and stinging will drive you nuts. Yesterday it wasn’t as bad. I do take medicine for the pain, but today nothing helps. Thanks for responding to my earlier post.

    I hope you are doing well and look forward to hearing from you

  • It is always good to have EVERYTHING checked out and ruled out--it is SUCH a process though! It is hard to keep going somedays. I am available to talk now-- if you have the time, pls feel free to give me a call:)

  • Sorry, can't advise specifically but ask them to scan it all! Took me three visits to persuade a physio (NHS) to request an MRI - I asked for one on my lower back as I have had issues there for years and thought it might be causing my pelvic pain. Instead they did a scan of my now I gotta go back to my GP to get referred to a physio etc. Andy

  • Thanks for your response. Actually, I found this out a couple of days ago from someone who does this for a living. So, I called to find out what he had ordered. And, I should have known since he knows not one thing about pelvic pain even though I've tried to explain it.The MRI is for the lumbar spine. I had this done at the Mayo Clinic. My friend said to see if they could add (I may not be saying this correctly) the pelvic area specificallythe sacrum and coccyx and a bilateral of the hips). So, when I called to see if I could add this, I was told the insurance won't pay for all at one time. Go figure----more money, and I haven't met my deductible of 2,000 yet. My insurance is Blue Cross / Blue Shield with the Silver plan.

  • I read something by Peter Dornan on the sacro-iliac joint being a cause if pelvic pain (via the pudendal nerve) - dunno if an MRI of the sacrum would show up any issues there...but yes, these doctors are making a fortune from health insurance, can be infuriating.

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