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I'm new here, Personal stories of PID please?

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Hi all,

I'm really quite worried because for the past 3 weeks I've been experiencing pelvic pain, hip pain, lower back pain and pain in my vaginal/pubic area that will come and go every so often. I've gone to see two GP's the first one scheduled me for an ultrasound because she thought it was cysts but it was fine. The second one merely just dismissed it. Can anybody please tell me what PID felt like for you? Like your symptoms and if they would be constant or come and go (as much detail would be great). Would be very much appreciated since I am so terribly scared of infertility

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HI there - I am sorry you have experienced this pain and an unhelpful GP. I really think you should go back or maybe if you're sure it's PID then go to a sexual health clinic?

Did the GP test your urine? You may even find a nurse practitioner helpful.

This may pass on its own or you may need some treatment eg. antibiotics or even physiotherapy.

It's horrible I know, but hang in there and look after yourself.

Thank you for responding, I have got a urine and blood test today and waiting on results. Tomorrow I am going for a endocervical swab, as I am severely paranoid

Well you are making sure you can exclude PID so that's great. Fingers crossed - some of those results should come back v quickly

Yes, I'm quite nervous but I just had my swabs done so I will be collecting the results for all my tests in 2-3 days hopefully it's an all clear!

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