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Not knowing what to expect? fibroids?

I've suffered with terrible periods since being 11 it got worse into my teens then got to the age when I could start contraception.

I've had the pill, depo injection for several years then back on to the pill Briefly before I had my tubes tied just after I was 30

I'm now 35 and have terrible pelvic pain, stabbing feelings problem going to the toilet fr both a wee and the other lower back pain and generally feeling rubbish most days. Bloating and wind seem to be a problem too

I'm now on mefenamic acid which does help with the pain most of the time and have tranexamic acid to try when my monthlies do come.

I'm usually on time with my monthlies but usually lasts over a week and last month was the worst yet with worst pains in stomach plus the issue with going to the toilet for anything.

My grandmother had a hysterectomy at the age of 32 due to fibroids and my Mam has also had fibroids so I'm thinking it next in line

I've been referred for a scan to see what's going on down there but feeling a bit down in the dumps about it all.

I am hoping once referred for a hysterectomy as the thought of this continuing till the menopause comes along actually depresses me.

Hoping for the scan date soon and hopefully get a plan of action after that just wondering if any ladies out there can pass on some info

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Have you had a transvaginal /internal Ultrasound scan yet. Have you seen Gynaecologist yet. Mine was done just before seeing him in my clinic. It revealed a fibroid outside (& above) the womb. This never showed up on the regular pelvic ultrasounds I had. Also it was the day before my 60th birthday so my problems were in the past. I was there to investigate PMB . Gynaey thought I had polyps and did Hysteroscopy. However nothing found and no recurrence. I was relieved not to need hysterectomy, but different situations.

Do you also have Pelvic floor weakness? Constipation? Diverticular? IBS?

I have multiple bowel conditions. Total pelvic floor weakness. But I have H


Sorry pressed submit by mistake.

. . .

But I also have Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism which are the root cause of many of my problems as no part of the body can function without adequate Thyroxine.

Have you ever had blood tests for Thyroid Function?

Have you ever put on weight unexpectedly?


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My weight is quite static really I do have IBS more constipation really I'm due on in a few days and I actually feel sick with the pain I don't know how much longer I have to wait for the scan I work in an office full of men so can't really say why I feel so bad 😭 just want to go home and sleep

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