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Left side pain and left side pelvis pain

I have been having a dull ache on my left side close to the hip and also pelvic pain on that side,its been 5 months now ,m scared to go an see a Dr,it can be just heavy sometimes on that side can somebody help

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Why are you scared to go to your doctor?

You need to see a doctor.

What if you need an antibiotic ?

Or a scan to find out what is wrong?

Or some other care or treatment?

Is there anyone who can go to Doctor with you?



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Don't be scared of what it is. It might be fixable with the right course of treatment. You must be seen and diagnosed asap surely??

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Hi, I'm reading your post and your symptoms sound very similar to mine. I've been dealing with this since November. All my pain is coming from my left side too. You should definitely see a doctor, I've been to 8 so far. I believe I might be finally getting to the root of my problem. Do you have any urinary symptoms? That's where mine started. You should try and get a CT scan or MRI...It can reveal something that the doctors can help with. I have GYN issues and have been diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) but along my journey I was misdiagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC). I went to a urologist in NYC and he was able to diagnose me with PFD. I've been going to physical therapy (PT) and just stared Valium suppositories and they've been helping a lot and relieving my bladder symptoms and the pain on my left side… It's only been two days since I've used it but see a difference. I'm not a doctor This is my story and this is what my doctors have told me... hope it might bring you some help. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to take to ask. Jay


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