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Does a bulky uterus mean anything other than adenomyosis?

Hi all

New to this group! After a few years of investigating dyspareunia, and with other symptoms added, all signs were pointing to endometriosis. However, I recently had a diagnostic laparoscopy (at a BSGE centre) and no endo was found. Great news, but doesn't solve the problem!

I had a TV ultrasound 15 months ago as part of investigating the pain. They found a fibroid, which all doctors have said is too small to cause pain, but the letter also said I had a 'bulky uterus.' No doctor has ever brought it up since, but when I researched it myself, all I can find is adenomyosis.

So, to my question: can you have a bulky uterus without it being adenomyosis? Should I be investigating further?

I was so convinced it was endo, I just don't want to go down another path and come up with nothing. (I'm not wishing anything on myself, but 4 years with no answers is a bit frustrating!)

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