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So i attented my ultrasound yesterday and everything was fine. Im still getting thers terrible pains which are now accompanied by awful nausea. I tried to book in my GP this morning because I physically can't cope with the pains any longer, 8 paracetamol every day is unhealthy but I cant physically go without it, it just takes off the edge. So now I'm stuck on what to do

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  • Hi, you do not say where your pain is coming from but I have pains in my bladder and urethra which my 4 GPs could not help with over a period of 5 years. Urine samples are clear, I've had scans and seen a urologist with no diagnosis. I paid to have a private consultation with a gynaecologist/urologist who took my symptoms seriously. I had a cystoscopy (NHS) and chronic inflammation was found (interstitial cystitis) which he gives me Botox for. This information may be no use to you, but my message is, don't rely on your GP being able to help. Sometimes you have to do your own research and try to help yourself. good luck

  • Hi, I have been recently diagnosed with ic, have the Botox Injections helped?


  • Hi, the Botox is fantastic and gives me total pain relief if it is injected in the right "trigger" points. I have had it 3 times, the last one was unsuccessful because my notes had not been brought to the consultant and I had the Botox in the wrong place.

  • Did you have the Botox privately or with the NHS?


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