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A study looking for female participants to study the effects of chronic pelvic pain


A group of researchers from the universities of Oxford and Edinburgh are conducting research into women's experience of chronic pelvic pain. They are looking into living with chronic pelvic pain, the severity of the pain and the effects this has on their day to day life. The study does appear to include those that have gone through the menopause as often studies appear to exclude this group of women. Also you don't have to have a diagnosis to take part. This study hopefully will identify other issues that are experienced by women with chronic pelvic pain which are often overlooked by medical teams in hospitals and the community- although there are some fantastic teams looking after women and conducting research in many big teaching hospitals! I've posted the link below to the study but if it doesn't work then the study can be accessed via the Endometriosis UK website

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Completed. Thanks for post.

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Just great girl go for it you may get some help .

Sadly I am a male 15 year in pain do they think it's only a lady's problem .

Ever day is hell . take care

Regards Derek


Hi Pamdella

I very much doubt they only think it's a female problem but by it's very nature there are many disorders which affect females only such as adenomyosis or pain as the result of problems in pregnancy. It's also a possiblilty that the groups conducting the research deal exclusively with female health so men will never be involved in any of their research projects. There are many possibilities as to why this is a female based study only but I'm sure there are researchers dealing with men in their projects or do mixed studies. It's a case of looking at clinical trials which you might be suitable to apply for so to help inform future research and medical guidelines


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