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Beta Thallesemia

Hi everyone, I have chronic pain for several conditions for over nine years. I write on the other forum for pain. I was wondering if anyone on this forum has beta Thallesemia and suffers low blood hemoglobin from it. I am a 64 year old woman and mine gets continually worse as I get older. My hematologist keeps saying "it's the new you " and tells me it does not cause any of my fatigue. I totally disagree with his opinion and know my body. i am from the US and see this is a UK based website, is that right? I have been reading so much on here about chronic pain and it has helped me so much. I thought maybe this subject could too. Thanks for listening. God bless, Bettyfl

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Hi Betty,

I'm also from California. You do get people from the US on this site. Sadly I am unfamiliar with your condition but I wish you the best of luck .

God bless x


Thank you.


Have you put this condition in the search engine on this site ? You might find it has come up on another community of Healthunlocked .


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