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Not sure what about diagnosis

I had a cystocele repair over a year ago. Op worked fine. But for some reason I have gone down hill since. Contracted a bad case of Shingles urine infections and to top it off my back got worse suffering dreadful backache & sciatica.

Continuing on this downward trend both legs became very painful hamstrings pulling pins & needles in left leg with slight numbness.

To cut story short MRI showed compressed disc L4L5 L5S1 in the meantime I'm still getting UTI's least I think they are UTI's? Had spinal Epidual shots that helped for a bit. Under pain management etc. Also referred to spine surgeon!

What is worrying are the UTI's the symptoms are similar and at times it so severe I'm using the bathroom 30 times a day. My fear is doc has it wrong and it's a nerve in my back causing the problem where the nerves are being squeezed. I'm going through a bad bout now which I must admit has made like miserable worrying I'll need a loo when out. I have antibiotics at the moment the urinating has calmed down. So is it the antibiotics or had it calmed of its own accord which it sometimes does.

I'm also getting a flaring type flammatory pain in my back. This is with all the usual spine pain 😩

Any input would be helpful.

Sorry for the long post

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Sounds like you are seeking appropriate follow-up for really painful symptoms. This is just a lay comment: other things that caused me increased/uncontrolled urination include undiagnosed diabetes and atrial fibrillation episodes.


Thank you for your reply doc had tested for both. So no probs there 🤔


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