"Include 'PELVIC PAIN' in the UK university curriculum for ALL medical students.

Over 1 million women (and men) in this country suffer from pelvic pain. Many suffer chronic, debilitating pain. Most struggle to find good medical care as their GPs and consultants received no education about pelvic pain during training. Please help us make it a part of all medical training."

Sign the petition today by following the link below and share.


6 Replies

  • I agree 100%!!! 

    We need one in USA too.  

    Best of luck!  Good for you for organizing. 

  • It is going on in the U.S. , look up Atara Shimel on Face Book she has a big campaign going. 

  • Shucks, I'm not on Facebook... But that's great!!!!

  • It's not a petition on Facebook, it's on the UK government site. If you click on the link it will take you directly to the petition. You can only sign though if you are in the UK

  • We have 250 signatures since Friday afternoon....well done and THANK YOU everyone. Let's keep it going and keep sharing. 

  • I've regularly been checking all weekend!  We are up to 254 now. So pleased that the word is getting round 😊

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