Struggling with pain

How do u guys do it, it's been 6 weeks since my operation, and since having lack of sleep for last few nights , the pain is starting to get me down... I try not to take the max tablets as they completely knock me out! Hope this pain goes , shall I ask to go to pain clinic, I'm starting to feel down now, I cant work, I have young children and I'm worried about the future.. Ibe been crying today, I think they messed me up with this operation :-(

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  • So sorry you have been hit with a tsunami of difficulties post-surgery. On top of the usual sleep deprivation and "down in the dumps" after a painful procedure. :( Just guessing, but probably with kids your household is behind on cooking, laundry, tiding up, etc. Wish I had a magic wand, but lacking that, can recommend 5 deep breaths whenever you feel overwhelmed. Do you have access to some type of counselor or case manager who can give you some emotional support as you sort through options? Even 1-2 chats might help. Don't know where you live, but in the US there usually is a medical social worker attached to each hospital floor or specialty who can speak with you for free. He/she would be familiar with typical issues in your situation. Please reach out.

  • Thank you so much 😢

  • It will get better it takes time for the body to really adjust to this op that no one really prepares you for. It will take at least 12 months to feel normal so get all the Help you can. Go to the GP to review your meds. Take them regularly make adjustments, but don't give up. Get some antidepressants if you feel down but I'd say it too early. Try to go for walks.remember this muscle that's been taken out is a major hormone muscle so the body is in shock. Keep going it will get better.

  • Thank you, I'll try the breathing

  • Check warnings on medications being taken. Some of them cause depression. Try Clonazepam at night as sleep aid and it helps with anxiety. Rocky68

  • Thanks I will ask for this

  • Hi, you don't say what operation you have I can only suggest you phone ASAP the surgeons secretary and explain how you are feeling and ask for an urgent appointment to the surgeons clinic. I do know that taking pain medication in large and frequent doses is not doing you or your liver any good. Don't let them fob you off with pain management clinic without being examined or having an ultrasound or MR Neurography done as they need to find which nerve is the cause of your pain. The surgeon may have trapped a nerve so ask him to tell you what nerve it could be which could help a pain management specialist if that is where you need to go. If so ask for an urgent appointment to pain management. let us know how you get on. Good Luck.

  • Funny u should say that, I'm getting back pain on left side ... Hope my liver ok :-(

    I did phone secretary and I'm seeing consultant this Thursday, and I'm telling him I need and action plan of what's happening. Thanks so much for your reply

  • Great that your being seen so soon. By the way your liver is on the right side, just under your right rib cage, so I am sure your liver is ok. Make a list of your symptoms to discuss with the surgeon. Good Luck and Best Wishes.

  • I am trying to do another post but don't know where to go to add a post. Any suggestions? Ricky68

  • Top right hand corner of your pc screen when you are on this page you will see an orange heading which says ' Write a post ' Bye for now.

  • Being referred to the pain clinic

  • Which one will you be attending ? Good luck and let us know how you get on

  • Not sure yet... Bristol based

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