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The results

Hi all I have had my MRI results and Iam not happy :((. I had a short letter off my GP and not the original letter from the specialist. She says she is happy there is nothing nasty going on. But I do have some wear and tear at the bottom of my spine and my nerves are not too compressed What the hell does that mean ??? Is everything fine or not ??? And if so why is my groin back and leg pain 7-10. I see another GP tomorrow so I will be asking for the letter off the specialist. My OH went for MRI on his knee and he had the results from specialist not GP. Iam so confused. Thanks for listening and take care :(((

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They might be able to see obvious stuff like a bulge on a disc, or impingement on the sciatic nerve when it's bone related. However when it's damage to peripheral nerves the technology to see such things is very limited. A radiologist even told me himself we can only rule out if there is a mass in the general area putting pressure on a nerve.

I've got pelvic and sciatic MRI is fairly normal as well....and yes my pain can be severe at times too. I actually get pain that shoots down the back of my inner leg. According to my GP this is S2. Why I have this combined with rectal and pelvic pain we are still trying to figure out.

In the meantime you could try a microwave heat pad for some temporary relief.

Definitely get a referral for a specialist, as there has to be a reason for your pain. It's not all in our heads.

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