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Where to go for diagnosis

Hi, does anyone know where to go with 9 year left pelvic/abdominal pain, very heavy feeling, hardly able to stand and walk and all the time urge to urinate. Movements make it worse also the internal movements of bowel and bladder. No IC, No pudendal nerve injury, No organ trouble. Where is a doctor who can find out? And Where is a good radiologist? Thanks.

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You need a referral to a gynaecologist who can then do a laparoscopy which will diagnose whether you have endometriosis.

I think to do this you have to go through a gp, which can be difficult sometimes because many do not know much about pelvic pain. Keep pushing until they give you a referral though.

Good luck :-)


Hi I'm sorry to hear about your pain. Are you in the UK? If so highly recommend Mr Khullar's team at St Mary's Paddington London. It's NHS so fairly long wait possibly but worth it for complex you a Uro-gynae pain that has been hard to establish a diagnosis. It's a medical teaching hospital so you can ask your GP to refer you to Me Khullar at St Mary's from anywhere in the UK.


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