I want to give up

Hi all I'm having a really bad night I've been in serious pain and I feel like I can't handle it anymore. I also have some "close" family members who I found out have been gossiping about me and my sickness and I just feel defeated I'm tired my body's tired this isn't the life I wanted to live I'm trying to find the best in everything but it's really difficult tonight. I didn't know who else to turn to so I thought who better to tell then women who are going through the same thing I am.

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  • So sorry to hear! I have had many bad nights. If you want to know something that might give you a short-term boost, if you do some gentle stretching (especially glutes, piriformis, lunge stretch, and gentle hamstrings), it might release the muscle tension short term. Good luck and I hope you can get some sleep tonight.

  • Thank you but I don't think sleep is in the cards for me tonight

  • I was about to go off to bed but remembered something. I don't know if you've tried a good muscle relaxer, but I've found that Xanax (traditionally an anxiety med, but actually a great muscle relaxer) has helped my pelvic pain quite a bit for about 6 to 8 hours. Valium helped a bit too but not as much as Xanax. I know 2 others who swear by the Xanax for their pelvic pain too. Maybe give it a go!

  • Being in pain is hard enough , then on top having to deal with outside issues which can make it worse. Take care of you. Anxiety which pain produces is like living in a nightmare. After many sleepless nights I found Aleve PM over the counter is the only thing which knocked me out. Surprisingly. It has benadryl in it. Just a suggestion. Sending hugs.

  • Thanks I'm going to have to buy some and the hugs are most appreciated

  • Been thinking about your situation and wondering how you are doing? I pray things are better.

  • Ice will help. It is the only thing for me that will lets sleep.i purchase them on Amazon called medline perineal cold packs they have saved me

  • Without making matters worse try and find out exactly what these family members have said exactly.

    Make sure nothing has been twisted or misinterpreted, nothing worse than second hand gossip!

    Ignorance will stay ignorant unless you yourself puts the record straight.

    Don't react in a negative way just approach the person who thinks they have the right to comment on you and your condition and explain in matter of fact way how you are affected.

    Let them know you would really appreciate their help, physically or by just listening when you need to vent.

    People can be very judgemental and at times seem heartless but unless you let them know how what they say upsets you then gossip will be just that, gossip.

    You are not gossip, your illness is not gossip, it's real, real life that you have to live with not them.

    Don't bottle this up and let it upset you in this way you have enough to deal with.

    Youtube Jonn Serrie, he has beautiful meditation music that will help relax you and your mind, download it onto your phone or ipod.

    If everyone in the world meditated there would be an awful lot of chilled out people!

    I don't always get through the whole music piece, i fall asleep!

    Get strength, tackle the ignorants, stay strong.

    Angel Blessings x

  • Ice was a lifesaver for me. I used it for many years.

  • Don't give up. I often feel that. I have been fighting for 26 years so you do it. Keep looking for the doc who will help.

  • I'm wondering how you are. Have you gotten any answers? Any relief? Praying that you're ok.

  • I'm sorry nothing worse than family not compassionate after my nerve block , my step dad actually said now you can stop your complaining (he used a different word) I used to not wish this pain on anyone, but I wouldn't mind giving him a dose of it hang in there do everything positive and pro active in your life I hope you find encouragement here

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