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Chlamydia for 6 years unnoticed

Hi! I know this is s little bit odd, but i want to know if it happens also with anyone or maybe just me.. 😕 Is there anybody here who had Chlamydia for years without noticing it? I mean who did not experience any symptoms. I have been to 3 different doctors, the first one diagnosed me with C. Got 4 tablets ( my partner too ) and she says that it will be ok. After a month i decided to ask a 2nd opinion and the doctor said i still have C, got 4 tablets again. And requested me to come back after 8 weeks. Could' nt wait so decided to go to a specialist after 4 weeks. She said she would not believe i have C, because if i had it for a long time, i would probably in so much pain. Will have fever and wouldnt be able to bear the pain.. Had my partner checked after he took the first 4 tabs.. And he was negative, run a test again after a month, again he was negative. I dont know if that is possible that he turned out negative while i got checked 2 times and it was positive.. I swear i only sleep with him in the last 6 years.. Please help! Im confused! 😣

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Hi, what prompted you to go to the Doctors in the beginning?


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