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hi not only am I in constant pain I am also very tired.if I dont sleep in pm I cant stay awake at around 7-8pm and today I had to go back to bed after taking dogs out.fatigue has got worse over the last few weeks I cannot function.why wont doctors do anything except treat me for something I havent got and dismiss the symptoms I do have.having 9 of the 10 symptoms of ovarian cancer even if I dont have OC should be investigated.if at last resort i get nowhere on tuesday then go to A&E.

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feeling so tired today.couldnt sleep last night -trying til 1am then got up until 3am watching tv.tookk dogs out nd back to bed.feeling really ill -with pelvic pain and neck tightness.its difficult I don't feel hungry and probably feel ill cos I forget to eat.then eating is minimal as i feel full almost straight away.took one dog out for a short walk in pm other didnt want to go-barely walk fro pelvic pain which never goes away.does anyone else feel the same ?


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