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Pelvic Organ Prolapse


Good evening

Can anyone help me?

I would like to know about pelvic organ prolapse, I have some really scary experiences and so far no answers that comfort me.

I had phoned up the NHS help line in April very concerned. I had got out the shower and felt burning in side my vagina. When I sat on the toilet and felt in side, I was touching what felt like a penis coming towards my opening.

I spoke to the NHS direct, they told me to take a paracetamol and they would call me back. I phoned up again two hours later; I explained that I am already on tramadol. They assured me that someone would phone.

Monday morning I phoned my GP and asked to see the duty doctor. The doctor examined me and asked how many children I have given birth to naturally; I said one by C section. She said that he uterus was very low. She also said that there were very thin walls in places and other places had additional tissue. She said that if it popped out to lie on my back with my feet in the air and push it back, if I did not feel right about that, then I was to call the surgery and they would push it pack.

She also said that there is a test they can do to see how far my uterus comes out. I lies on my side they grab hold of my uterus and see how far out they can pull it.

I was horrified.

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hi the problems abt pelvic disorder are so rampart and could be dire a man in a similar trouble ..the pelvic surroundings have been serioully affected..but depends how yours came up ..evidence shows people with this problem in the penis or vagina areas are bound to have chronic pains and mostly doctors recomending antibiotics ..the theraphy could take up to six months ..mine been abt one yr ..there is always a particular antibiotic for every one to cure the problem ..but which one will be good for you ..just trying antibiotic one after the other ..dont stick to one ..perhaps got luck someday sooner

This is in response to "femi" you need to see a pelvic pain physical do not need antibiotics, but therapy to heal your pelvic floor muscles.

i see two pts in san francisco that treat men with pelvic pain. this is their web site, followed by a blog post they wrote on your condition:


You are having a prolapse and need to be referred to a gynae. Visit your gp and inform them you be them to put on a referral to a specialist. Explain any pain and discomfort. The test I have never heard of, but an examination by a gynae will answer these questions and hopefully give you some hope.

And antibiotics are for infection! A prolapse is not an infection ...

I am actually horrified by these two replies ... Neither read your post properly and the replies are complete rubbish.


Thank you so much for your reply.

I was a little confused by the other two comments.

I have recieved an appointment for the gynae. The GP said that it is only a low hanging uterus. She also said that I need to stop over reacting.

I am documenting all my symptons and pain.

I hope to have some answers


Hi you need to see your gyne as advised. I had a prolapse where you could see bladder wall between the top of your legs, looks like blubber, not a pretty site. I ended up having a cystocele and rectocele, first being bladder and the latter being bowel. They can perform a hysterectomy atthe same time, as sometimes its better all round. This depends on age and whether you have had children etc.

Don't be alarmed but it doesn't get better so do something now.

Hello, thanks Jacquieb.

i was worried that i have been making a mountain out of a mole hill. I asked my doctor if it was normal to be able to put my finger into my uterus and she said ' it depends on what time of the month it is'

I have managed to cancel my orginary gyne appointment and get an appointment with a Gyne that specialises in endometriosis, fertility and prolaps..30-7-12. I can 't wait.


Your first paragraph wants me want to gasp with horror!

Glad you have your appt booked, all gyne's specialise in prolpase repairs, ovarian cysrs, hysterectomy's, hysterscopy etc, but go with one that you feel most at ease with and who explains the procedure in more detail.

I decided against the use for mesh for the repairs as i had heard that the infection rate was a little on the high side, both my repairs were "stitched back" basically to the posterior wall of my pelvis. I no longer have the bladder pulling sensation that i had before.

Good luck

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Hi I know this post was 5 years ago but i'm just curious to find out how well your surgery went for you? Have things improved and stayed that way?


sheshe7755 in reply to jacquieb

Hi I've just had my bladder repaired, done with a tube and stitched back. I have to go fir more surgery at later date. As I had this done internally, they found a few problems that need done by going through my lower abdomen. Feel so much better for the bladder being fixed, though.

I am appalled that they actually pulled your uterus, which could only make things worse. Mine is currently hanging into the outside world by nearly an inch and I'm desperate for advice. There isn't a single 'solution' that makes me think, 'This is right for me,' so I'd love to hear what you did next even though it's five years ago, if you don't mind, and hope you are no longer suffering with this.

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