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How does having PNE affecting your ability to work? My son had an excruciating pain episode at work and he was hurting so bad he had to lie down on the floor with legs pulled in to get some relief. He had been tossing and stacking tires. The job was sparatic and needless to say, the employer has not called him to work since. He does yard work or

other type and has to come in and lie down for 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a day b/c of the pain. Unable to keep a steady job. He keeps trying to work, but is difficult to find work that he can perform without causing increased pain.

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Hi, sorry to hear about your sons issues. I myself have PNE. I drive a bus for a living and i can tell you its not funny to sit down on the nerve for hours 5 days a week. Your son needs to seek a physical therapist that specializes in PNE. I live in NYC, but i travel to new jersey to a get my physical therapy. Although they have good ones in NYC, they are over price.

I also see doctor Richard Marvel in baltimore . I have seen many doctors regarding my condition and i can honestly say. Surgery is not a good idea for PNE. It is still considered experimental. The success rate is only about a 50%. With pain still to endure.


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