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Diagnosed with ovarian cyst on right side. Took bc pill for 21 days, follow up ultrasound shows no cyst but hving same pain in next cycle

Hi I'm 22 yr old, experiencing severe pain on right side lower back and abdomen towards my right leg(thigh) after my periods ends. I get this sudden urge to poop when pain becomes unbearable and I feel bit relaxed after taking poop. Effects my mood all the time. I feel I'm more emotional during that time. I feel tired and energy-less all the time, also feel like vomiting when in severe pain, don't feel like eating sometimes.Pain is so severe that I need to take sick leave from uni/work. I normally take 200 mg ibuprofen when pain hits.

Pain occurs after the end of my period, which is usually fourth day stays till next 15-16 days. Its been happening since I was 18-19.

Year ago gp suspected that it could be endometriosis but ultrasound &CT came out normal with some free fluid. 2 months ago my gyn found out that I have right ovarian cyst of about 5-6 cms. Went on pill for 21 days, follow-up ultrasound report came normal, no evidence of cyst. I had spotting during mid-cycle for 3-4 days, mainly large blood clots with little or no blood, dark brown in colour. (I thought it could be cyst coming out from my insides)This is my first period after my treatment(bc pill) and I'm having same pain in same area as I used to experience before. Can cyst come back in just one cycle?

Was the follow-up ultrasound diagnosed wrong?

What to do next?

How do I control my emotions when pain hits?? effected my social life a lot. I don't feel like talking to my friends and telling them what's wrong, fearing I might sound crybaby looking for sympathy. I feel I am bit cold towards my friendship. It also affected my work as no one like to deal with the employee who takes more than 3 sick leaves in a month and complains about low energy levels, tiredness and pain.

Please help, thanks in advance.

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So sorry to hear the problems you are having - I can empathise as this wa sme 30yrs ago! Have you looked on the health unlocked ENDO UK forum ?It sound very very like endometriosis.

Re ultrasound scans -they do not pck up endometriosis ,only solid or fluid filled masses.Ultrasound and Ct would show cysts or tumours.However there are many different kinds of cyst ,some which fill up over the month and burst then start all over again.Theses are the ones I suffer from and they ar eknown as follicular cysts - they are the cysts that grow to about a cm each month,then burst to release the egg.This can cause extreme pain if you have endo,but ladies without cant tell -I used to faint when ovulating.In some ladies this "normal" fluid filled cyst continues to grow to large dimensions until it bursts.You will know if it bursts as you will most likely pass out with the pain.Ove r30yrs I have been whisked in and out of hospital with burt cysts,but by time got scanned no cysts to be seen so sent home.I was so frustrated as I felt they thought I was making up the pain.Only when I wa s again taken in,but this time before the burst was the type identified as a follicular cyst.It means that when it bursts the fluid is reabsorbed into the body quickly.If it was a blood or puss filled cyst there would be debris and this would make youbvery unwell with infection if not treated with antibiotics .Yes,cysts can come back evry cycle,especially if you have been on the pill and come off it.

Register on Endo Uk forum as you will find lots of wonderful ladies,of all ages and stages with endo and we will all try to help you through.Do some research on Endo ad go back to Gp and get refereed to a proper endo specialist,as some are not trained to spot the symptoms of endo.

Sending you a big hug -you are never alone.


Hey thanks sooo much for your reply and advice. It means a lot to me and it feels comforting that someone understands me, relates to me and empathise to me. I'm sorry to hear that you been through it for such a long time. I will definately check out endo forum. But I don't think that it could be follicular cyst because my pain starts from day 4 of my period(the last day) and continues till next 15 days. From what I understand is that follicular cyst pain only occurs mid-cycle. But my pain stays for 15-16 days in a month. I have normal regular periods. I asked my gyn if it could be from endo but she asked me to wait for ultrasound reports. I'm thinking of going to my gyn again. Thanks again for help. Hugs to you.


Follicular cysts keep growing,instead of bursting,so yoyu an have pain all month untyil they burst -I have had cysts that grew for 3 months before bursting.Ovulation pain,which is when the graffian follicle bursts at normal size and mid cycle can cause severe pain -many of us ladies have exacerbation of painon ovulation,but this is not the same a s follicular cyst which is an abnormal growth,failure to the follicle to burst monthly.

.Post below is very good advice -as results of tests as only as accurate as the person interpreting it.I was given an ultrasound which showed normal,followed an hour later by a vaginal ultrasound which showed a 7cm follicular cyst.I was only given the vaginal scan as I insisted I could feel a tennis ball inside.I reckon I would have been sent home again had I not made a fuss on that occasion.

Please go back t your Gp and get re referred to an endo specialist.This is your body and it is affecting every part of your life.It make sme angry to read of so many who are still being fobbed off and not taken seriously.Do let us know how you get on.



an ultrasound would be able to differentiate between chocolate cysts (endometriosis cysts) and other kinds, but not all radiologists can distinguish it.

I did three ultrasounds with different radiologists and everyone told me I had polycystic ovaries. No one had detected endometriosis.

The fourth time, I did with a doctor that was accustomed to diagnose endometriosis on ultrasound and she told me that I had endometriomas - one on the left and one on the right ovary.

After 5 months I returned to the same doctor and I did another ultrasound and she told me that the one on the left side was not the anymore.

After a few months I did a MRI which showed that the two cysts were still there ans also a nodule behind the uterus.

You can see the relativity of all means of diagnosis, and especially, it always depends of those who make them

My symptoms were:

much pain in period (vomiting and cramps on legs);

pain after my period stop - only stopped in the third week of the cycle;

my pain was more intense when I took the pill normally and spotting would cause me pain;

the pain lasted until the third week of the menstrual cycle, because that's when estrogen is highest; it begins to descend after the second week. The estrogen increases pain, especially for those who have endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity (endometriosis). This tissue continues to respond to hormonal stimuli and continues to bleed, so it causes pain.

What I did was taking the pill without stopping, for not to having menstruation. my pain got better. Recently I removed the cysts by laparoscopy, and nodule. I also have endometriosis in surface of the bladder.

If your pain continues, don't accepted the that diagnosis. Search for other doctors.

My advice is try to take the pill without stop. Hopefully the pain will improve or disappear.


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